How to reduce a lactation

How to reduce a lactation

Doctors and specialists in breastfeeding advise not to give up feeding quickly. It is harmful to a psychoemotional condition of the child and his intestines. Such action also is not less harmful to mom. At sharp excommunication she can have problems with a breast. For example, laktostaz, mastitis and other diseases.


1. Disaccustom to a breast gradually, within 3-6 months. In this case the organism of mom will adapt to inquiries of the child. Over time the amount of the developed milk becomes less because the child already eats not only to them. So you will be able quietly and without problems with health to finish breastfeeding.

2. If there is a lot of milk or breastfeeding needs to be finished as soon as possible, then it is worth addressing national methods. There are herbs which are capable to reduce a lactation. For example, sage, basil, mint, walnut. The sage and mint are especially good. They need to be made according to the instruction and to accept on a glass of infusion before meals. In several days it is possible to notice that milk became much less.

3. If the breast does not turn into stone from amount of milk, and you are capable to endure naliva, then it is worth wearing a bra. It will raise a breast and will support that it did not droop further. In such look and to you it will be easier to endure the period of excommunication of the child from a breast. If the breast is strongly poured and turns into stone, then it is possible to enclose the cabbage leaf which is previously trampled down by a rolling pin in a bra. To remove cabbage when it finally povyant. After the first procedure the ease is felt.

4. Decant milk in the portions before simplification. Do not devastate a breast completely, it will be the feeding fact, so, the breast will gather a full portion of milk again soon. Do not forget what ripens milk so much how many it was spent.

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