How to save from the child's locks

How to save from the child's locks

Children of early age quite often suffer from locks. But unlike adults, treatment of this illness at children has to take place especially carefully and delicately. To save the child from this problem, for a start it is worth paying attention to food of the kid and also to whether enough liquid he uses in day. Hot liquid dishes, for example vegetable soup or borsch surely daily have to enter a food allowance of children.

It is required to you

  • - fresh vegetables and fruit,
  • - dried fruits,
  • - flax seeds, lemon juice, honey,
  • - water,
  • - food rich with cellulose.


1. Pay attention whether enough fresh vegetables and fruit the child uses. The fact is that they well stimulate work of intestines, are saturated with vitamins, are rich with cellulose. Besides fresh, at locks it is recommended to eat also dried fruit – for example, dried apricots and prunes, known the with laxative properties. Take several fruits of dried fruits, small cut and wet for the night in a glass of water. Let's drink the liquid which infused in a night to the child on a hungry stomach, and add the remains of pulp to morning porridge or other dish for a breakfast.

2. Prepare for the kid the following mix from a lock: Mix 1 teaspoon of seeds of a flax with several droplets of juice of a lemon, add a little honey. Add it to porridge or other sweet or a fresh dish for breakfast.

3. Cook to the kid the food rich with cellulose. It is ballast substance, forces intestines to work more actively, it is better to be reduced and advance food to an exit.

4. If the kid absolutely small also is on breastfeeding, his mom needs to watch food. Young mom has to eat fully, eat food, vitamin-rich, minerals, to drink a lot of liquid.

5. Besides, to save the kid from locks, the thicket needs to spread him on a tummy. He can make circular massage of a stomach – it needs to be ironed clockwise for some time, to increase gradually a little pressure a hand.

6. It is necessary to pay attention and to physical activity of the child. Go with the kid out of town more often, play vigorous games in the fresh air.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team