How to sew a parsley suit

How to sew a parsley suit

Not only on a New Year's morning performance the parents should make carnival costumes. A children's birthday or anniversary of parents can quite become a reason for the dramatized representation or a small fancy-dress joke. Here it is also necessary to sew a suit, for example, of Petrushka.

It is required to you

  • To sew a parsley suit you need fabric of red, blue and yellow colors, it is better if it is satin. Also for a cap you need material for its stuffing, it can be cotton wool. For decoration of a suit get a tape, sequins.


1. We begin our work with a pattern of trousers, for this purpose we take measurements of the child. Applying them on paper – do not forget to leave 2 cm from each party for a seam. Remember that trouser-legs have to be different flowers - red and blue! Trousers have to be straight lines.

2. We put our fabric to the sketch and we cut out a detail of trousers. We make also with the second trouser-leg. After that we sew details.

3. We try on and adjust trousers by the necessary size.

4. We sew a tape slightly over the knee, we make out trousers sequins.

5. Now we start a shirt. Sew a standard shirt, I use fabric of yellow color, issue it a tape on sleeves, on all shirt sew sequins.

6. Now we start a cap. Take a usual cap of the child. Cut out strips about 5 cm wide from fabric of different flowers and sew them on a cap circle, alternating every color.

7. After that make a pattern in the form of a triangle, do not forget allowances for seams.

8. Serial cut out different fabrics details, sew edges.

9. Fill cones cotton wool or other material that the form kept.

10. Sew them then cones need to be sewn to a headdress and to decorate with sequins. We cut out two rags of round shape from fabric of different flowers, we sew two details among themselves, we fill cotton wool and we sew to cones.

11. We do not forget also about a belt. From the remained fabric we design a belt, we make out it a tape. The suit is ready!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team