How to sew a toy dog

How to sew a toy dog

Sewing of soft toys is very fascinating and useful hobby, both for children, and for adults. In this case it is possible to show the imagination and to create toys which with pleasure your child will play, or to present them to the closest and people dear to you. The soft toys sewed by the hands can become also magnificent decoration of your house.


1. A dog it is possible to sew from the most various materials, pieces of fur, a thick woolen cloth, cloth and even cotton fabrics will approach. Choose color as such what to you will want, the toy doggie can be both blue, and pink, and in peas and though gray and brown and crimson in a speck.

2. Transfer a pattern to paper and cut out details. Put them on inner side of fabric and you will find two details of a trunk, one detail of a chin, one detail of a forehead, two details of ears. From fabric of lighter shade you will find two details of a paunch. And from a thick woolen cloth four details of a foot and two details of ears. From red fabric you will find a language detail. Cut out details, leaving 0.5 mm on allowances for seams.

3. Now start tailoring of a dog. At first to a pritachayta a forehead detail to a trunk (the line and - b). If fine details, then it is more convenient to make it manually a loopy seam and if details quite large and fine fabric, then use the sewing machine. Further in the same way to a pritachayta a chin (the line in-). Stitch together paunch details, having left not sewn up an opening in the area of. Sew a paunch to trunk details on paws, having combined points x and hkh, and leave open the lower cuts of paws. Sew manually details a foot to open cuts of paws.

4. Now stitch together the remained trunk details (lines and - in, x--hkh). Turn out through not sewn up opening on a paunch on the face. Fill a doggie any filler, it can be sintepon or cotton wool. If you use vatu, then in order that the toy was softer, it should be gutted slightly. After you densely filled a trunk filler, sew up with a secret seam an opening on a paunch. The trunk of a doggie is ready.

5. Sew among themselves details of ears (one of the main fabric and one of a thick woolen cloth), leaving not sewn up an opening below that through it it was possible to turn out on the face. Twist ears and sew up with secret stitches of an opening, and then sew them to the head.

6. Sew language details, turn out on the face and sew a secret seam, on a tip of a nose sew a button or embroider with black threads. Make eyes of round buttons, cut out from pieces of skin or embroider with white and black threads.

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