How to swaddle the child in a blanket

How to swaddle the child in a blanket

Walks are in the fresh air necessary for the newborn in the very first days after discharge from maternity hospital. Many parents face a problem in what to take out the kid that to him it was warm and comfortable. In shops of products for children there are a lot of various overalls and envelopes now. They are beautiful and convenient, but the kid very quickly grows up from them. The blanket — a subject universal, is also required not only for walks. At the same time to the baby in him it is warm and cozy.

It is required to you

  • - 2 blankets — warm and thin;
  • - blanket cover;
  • - corner;
  • - jacket;
  • - 2 baby's undershirts;
  • - hat;
  • - cap or kerchief;
  • - pampers;
  • - thin diaper;
  • - warm diaper;
  • - romper suit:
  • - socks or warm bootees;
  • - tape.


1. Before swaddling the baby, it is very important to spread out clothes and linen correctly. It is necessary to wrap the newborn pretty fast that he did not manage to sweat. Horizontally spread out a tape to a changing table and straighten it.

2. The warm blanket has to be obligatory in a blanket cover. It not only is hygienic, but also provides heat preservation. The blanket cover for the kid is necessary cotton or linen, and the blanket can be cotton, down or with synthetic filler. Put a blanket on a tape so that it connected 2 opposite corners. Above and below too there will be corners.

3. On the top corner put a corner, on it — a woolen hat and a cap. Spread on a thick blanket thinner so that the long parties were located horizontally. If you use diapers of two types, put flannel on a blanket. The long parties have to be parallel. On a thick diaper lay thin, and on it — pampers.

4. Put a thin baby's undershirt, a shirt, a jacket, a cap and pampers on the kid. Wrap the child in a thin diaper, then in thick. Put on a hat.

5. Wrap up the baby in a thin blanket. Having closed the right shoulder the top corner, get the right top corner of a blanket under the left hand. Get the top left corner by the right hand of the kid. Bend the bottom horizontal edge that it clasped legs of the baby in front. At you something will turn out like a top which serves including to fix a bottom corner. Just insert it into this top.

6. Fold a bottom corner of a warm blanket on legs of the baby. Wrap the right and left corners. It is necessary to turn not too hardly, but so that too vigorous kid could not be developed.

7. Get the ends of a tape towards each other and knot unary on a tummy of the kid. Further actions depend on tape length. The most widespread option is to make 3 rounds, that is at the level of a belt, knees and a neck of the kid. If the blanket not too heavy and well lies, it is possible to be limited to two rounds. Tie edges of a tape a bow.

8. Modern children's linen in principle allows to do without diapers. It is possible to put on a thin and warm romper suit, woolen panties, warm socks. But in cold weather it is better to wrap after all at first the child in a thin blanket, and then in warm. In this case the baby will definitely not be able independently to be developed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team