How to put on a baby sling with rings

How to put on a baby sling with rings

Baby sling call a sling for carrying babies from the birth to two-three years. It is the traditional way of carrying implanted in the culture of many people of the world. The popularity of baby slings in modern society is connected with the increased interest in methods of natural education.

It is required to you

  • Baby sling with rings.


1. Get a baby sling with rings - a strip of dense fabric 220-350 cm long, 70-80 cm wide to which one end two rings are sewn. Take a baby sling for the free end and bring together him by an accordion that all end was located in a palm. Pass the tail collected by an accordion throughout two rings, putting all strip inner side inside.

2. Open rings and pass fabric throughout one of rings for fixing. Continue to pass a strip through a ring until the fabric recorded by rings reaches length of 120-140 cm. Pass hands in the recorded strip and pull fabric between hands, straightening folds.

3. Straighten a baby sling on rings easier to regulate a fabric broach through them further. Extend a little fabric between rings, weakening a loop. Straighten a loop, collecting it in small regular folds. You watch that on sides of a strip there were no folds.

4. Make sure that fabric in rings is distributed evenly on all circle and sides are not rumpled. You hold before baby sling, a tail in front, rings - above. Pass a hand throughout a baby sling, then throw it through the head and put on a shoulder (rings are in area of a clavicle).

5. Straighten fabric on a back, there should not be a twisting or folds. Then densely fit yourself a baby sling: extend to rings all surplus of fabric, since the top side. Do it gradually, fixing pulling at each stage not to overwind fabric. Extend surplus of fabric from under a mouse one hand and report to another, that is that which is closer to rings.

6. Do the same operations with the middle of a baby sling and with the lower side. When all surplus of fabric is collected in the hand closest to rings, transfer them to other hand, pull, and a hand, closest to rings, take and extend a tail.

7. Do the same it step by step: at first pull the top side, then the middle, then the lower side not to bring down fabric in a ring. As a result you have to be densely fitted by a baby sling, rings are slightly below than a clavicle.

8. Make a gamachok: raise a baby sling over a shoulder for rings, having weakened a tension around a body. Weaken coverage to such length that the lower side reached sideways a pelvic bone. Now the baby sling is completely ready to use, it is possible to stack the child in a gamachok, or to seat, carry on a breast before itself or on a hip.

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