How to take basal temperature at pregnancy and that shows the schedule

How to take basal temperature at pregnancy and that shows the schedule

Basal temperature – one of pregnancy control methods. Its measurement allows to observe the hormonal processes happening in a female body. This cheap and safe method. Independent carrying out requires studying a technique of process and tracing of the schedule.

Temperature of the healthy person is changeable. In 24 hours it fluctuates in the insignificant range, but no more than on half-degree. The lowest indicator is observed in the course of a dream, it also is basal. And if in other time of day external factors can affect temperature (consumption of food, physical activity, etc.), then at night they are minimum.

How and when to take measurements

The method is good the fact that the woman can carry out measurement independently, without leaving the house. It is necessary to begin process in the first 14 days of interesting situation. For this purpose it is enough to take the mercury thermometer writing the tool, paper. Measurement of basal temperature demands patience and observance of rules:

  • It is necessary to measure daily, without breaks.
  • Measurements are performed in a vagina or a rectum. Having chosen the place for this purpose, it is impossible to change it.
  • It is desirable that time of holding a procedure did not change. The difference in half an hour is allowed.
  • The pregnant woman has to sleep more than 6 hours. It is not recommended to go to bed after 12 in the night. Tranquility and a sound healthy sleep is important.
  • The procedure is carried out at once as soon as the woman opens eyes and will wake up. Without getting up. Therefore everything for measurement has to lie near a bed.
  • According to test results the schedule is formed.

How the procedure is performed? Before process it is necessary to grease a thermometer tip with vaseline. Lying in horizontal position, to enter it into a vagina or an anus. Depth of penetration is 2-3 cm. Procedure duration – 5 minutes.

The processes influencing the accuracy of results

The figures received during measurements can be inexact. There are several factors because of which the reliability of data is doubtful:

  • uneasy and short dream;
  • infections of a small pelvis;
  • consumption of food or administration of drugs before the procedure;
  • commission of sexual intercourse less than 12 hours ago;
  • physical activity before measurement process, it is undesirable even to turn in a bed;
  • another, except lying, position of a body in the course of measurement.

What shows the schedule

To what deviations do results of the carried-out test testify? What can be revealed? It is considered to be that basal temperature at the beginning of pregnancy keeps around 37 °. The deviations exceeding norm on 0.3 units and more can indicate problems. Results of a research are studied by the gynecologist on the basis of what the conclusions about the course of pregnancy are made. What at the same time can be revealed:

  • temperature drop below norm can be a warning of threat to an embryo;
  • insufficiency of progesterone;
  • increase in basal temperature – one of symptoms of inflammatory process or an infection.

Single decrease or increase in basal temperature is not the evidence of any violations. The mistakes made when carrying out measurement can become the reason of change.

Basal researches are conducted only at the beginning of pregnancy. When the woman is on the 14th week, to take measurements is useless. At this time the hormonal background so changes that test results will not be informative.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team