How to teach children to love animals

How to teach children to love animals

Animals are dumb animals as the saying says. Of course, not all of them cause warm feelings and delight in people. But nevertheless it is necessary to impart love to children at least to cats and dogs.

Why to children to love animals

It is necessary for socialization of the child and emergence of feeling of care in it, friendship. At the age of 2-3 years the child cannot fully communicate even with peers yet what to speak about adults. Here to the aid pets also come. The good-natured cat or a dog both will stroke the child, and will play with him, and will put bed.

It is important not to lose with sizes of the pet and his breed. The last parameter very strongly affects character and temperament. Fighting, hunting or too proud dogs will not get on with the kid because they will require from you as much attention for themselves.

How to teach love children to animals

Of course, the child will not be able to draw any conclusions without your wise adult manuals. It is also called education. It is possible to impart love for animals reading stories and their explanation, a talk. Sometimes nevertheless can be that the animal will incorrectly react to the child. If the cat scratches, you should not speak to the child to hit back at all. Moreover, it is worth preventing it. Will be to explain to the most correct why so it happened and as to an animal it can be unpleasant. The best relations are always based on mutual respect therefore you should not show aggression to an animal if the pot with a favourite flower was accidentally broken or wall-paper is torn. Care for each animal demands visit of pet-shop, though occasionally. During such campaigns it is always possible to take the kid. Purchase of a forage or toy will be that manifestation of care and love. If your favourite walks on the street independently, then it is worth thinking washing him more often. To protect the child from an animal because it dirty or infectious, incorrectly. It is not necessary to be afraid to complicate to itself life. In order that the child fell in love with animals, was not afraid of them and was respectful, it is enough to accept the pet as the family member. It is not necessary to restrain him in the rights, unfairly treats him. If all of you time live in the apartment or the house, but for some reason abstained from capture of a kitten or a puppy, it is a high time to make it. Your child himself will ask about it when time comes. You should not refuse such trifle which actually will present a heap of the unforgettable and cheerful moments at the due relation.

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