How to teach the child is adult food

How to teach the child is adult food

Transition to usual food not for each child is natural. The kid gets used to eat the wiped soups and puree from jars and as a result refuses to chew even small pieces of food. To teach the baby is adult food, it is necessary to consider a number of factors.

Physiological problems

Each child can have terms of transition to adult food, however by 1.5-2 years the kid already has to chew and swallow of usual food normally. If it does not occur, despite various efforts from parents, it is worth talking to the doctor and to find out whether is not present at the baby of problems of physiological character.

The impossibility to chew firm food after 2 years negatively will affect a health of teeth and a digestive tract. At such age this problem - already a reason for alarm and the address to the doctor.

If it is heavy to child to chew, he constantly spits out food or even he feels sick when firm pieces get into a mouth, problems can be different character. The short podjyazykovy bridle can sometimes be the cause. This pathology meets quite often and easily improves in the operational way. Besides, the child can have an increased intra cranial pressure and, as a result, - the strengthened emetic reflex. Certainly, this disease demands special treatment.

Act gradually

To begin to accustom the kid with firm food it is possible when at him the first teeth grow. Give to the child what he can gnaw or just take in a mouth (drying, the cleaned segments of apples, fat). Watch the baby: as soon as he begins to make characteristic chewing movements by foreteeth, can start the main stage of transition to adult food. If before you fed the child with store purees and porridges, or milled all food to a homogeneous pastelike state in the blender, begin to prepare differently. Try not to use the blender, and to fray or overwind food. Especially it concerns some meat, fish, cottage cheese, soluble cookies, yolks. At first pieces have to be absolutely small and it is easy to be swallowed, but at the same time the kid will feel them as language. If there are emetic desires, return to former food, and in a week offer new option once again.

Put a children's stool to a table d'hote and give to the baby food which you eat (depending on age). For the company the child will begin to be accustomed to your food quicker.

Give to the child freedom

If your kid has no problems with health, and it is impossible to pass to firm food in any way, give it more freedom. Seat him in a stool for feeding, lay a floor easily washing material around. Put before the kid a plate with food and give him a spoon. You should not worry that the child will choke, or will swallow of the whole pieces, without chewing them. He has to eat under your observation. All separate pieces of food have to be rather razvarenny and small (potatoes, small pasta, forcemeat) that it was impossible to choke with them seriously. Try to cut ingredients unusually that it was interesting to kid to catch them. The baby has to feel the independence and ability is as the adult. It is even better if nearby the kid of the same age eats: the effect of competitive spirit will do only good.

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