How to teach the teenager to speak "no"

How to teach the teenager to speak "no"

Parents think that the bad offer can be heard from "suspicious uncles" or the bad boy. But everything the point is that your child can receive similar offers from the best friends. Many parents are sure that their child surrounded with temptations will be able firmly and accurately to say no "To alcohol! No to drugs! No to smoking!". However in practice everything is not so iridescent. How to teach the child to refuse?


1. Teach the child to think of sebedet realize themselves not an individual, and a part of group. Explain to the child that he, having shown independence, can get rid of many troubles.

2. Teach the child to weigh all pros and cons various offers daily fall Upon the child. To answer them "yes" or "no", teach him to weigh all pros and cons. For example, what good and bad he will receive if he allows to write off?

3. Teach to accuse the child vzroslykheto not bad council. Think: to the child who can say no ", I cannot because parents will punish me", it is much easier to refuse. Explain to the child what sometimes can so be told if he is tried to be instigated on something dangerous or illegal.

4. Teach the child the child will refuse to refuse from a yumoromesla with fear or confusion, he will cause general irritation and contempt. But, if he is able to change refusal for fun, it will remain the king of situation.

5. Teach the child to speak from the to the imeniuverenny child in yourself much more simply to express the opinion and not to come under influence therefore give it as much as possible various opportunities in order that he could prove to be and tell something on its own behalf. For example, it can order for itself(himself) tea in cafe.

6. Teach the child the child will not use telayesla language to hide eyes and to keep up head, any his answer will look very important and authoritative. Try to pay its attention to behavior and gestures of self-assured people.

7. Teach to repeat the word "no" If the child refuses, and to it repeat the offer again, he has full authority to speak "No" many times. The more and longer he will be able to refuse, the quicker will lag behind him with bad offers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team