How to teach to cut out the child scissors

How to teach to cut out the child scissors

Scissors are familiar to the child since the earliest years as they see how they them cut nails. Process of use of them attracts apparent interest of children, however parents have a mass of the questions concerning how to teach to cut out the child scissors and to save from injuries.

It is required to you

  • - scissors;
  • - paper.


1. Buy special children's scissors for the child. They differ in the small size adapted for children's hands and also have the rounded-off ends. Scissors for children do not give the chance to prick them. At early age you should not acquaint the child with this subject, it is the best of all to wait when it reaches two years.

2. Explain to the child as it is correct to hold scissors in hand and show the simplest methods of cutting. The first movements on disclosure of scissors it is possible to train in air, without paper. After the child understands the principle of operation of scissors, take rather dense paper which is convenient for holding in hand, for example, pages from old magazines.

3. Put the child to yourself on knees and take his hands in the, helping it to move apart and shift scissors. Over time he will learn to do it independently. At early age the kid can just crush paper on strips, in two years he cannot cut out figures. Surely the child begins to cut out on a contour closer by 4 years.

4. After three years as exercises suggest the child to cut out the simplest figures drawn on paper: square, triangle, circle. At the same time at once accustom that during cutting it is necessary to move paper, but not to try to bend a brush with scissors according to the represented figure contour. If to use color paper and in advance to think over a subject of future applique, then occupation will be even more creative and interesting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team