How to give to the child mashed potatoes

How to give to the child mashed potatoes

On the first year of life in a diet of the baby new dishes gradually appear. And vegetable and fruit purees which begin to give from 4.5-5 months are the first. Thanks to cellulose the kid receives various vitamins, and, above all - mineral salts in which he begins to have deficiency already from the second half of the year. The simplest in preparation - mashed potatoes. It also is tasty, and it is useful, this vegetable is rich with potassium and vitamin C.

It is required to you

  • - one potatoes;
  • - The 200th waters;
  • - salt, vegetable or butter.


1. Before to prepare for the childpotatopuree , accustom him to 3 vegetables dish: potatoes, carrots and cabbage. It will help to avoid possible problems with digestion, potatoes are rich with starch and can cause swelling of intestines and colic.

2. For preparation to the child of mashed potatoes use only good vegetables: without sprouts, greens and other signs of damage and also the enameled ware without damage and the water purified with the filter.

3. Before cooking cut one tuber on several parts and wet in cold water for 2-3 hours. It will save potatoes from possible nitrates and excess starch and will allow to use vegetable broth for further preparation.

4. Once again wash the wetted potatoes with cold water and lower in 200 ml of the boiling water. You cook on slow fire before full preparation – a condition of friability. In finished form take out it from broth and crush in any available way: blender, fork, plastic sieve.

5. That puree turned out well wiped, add to it a little vegetable broth, mix, put on the gauze put in several layers and, having twisted from it a sack, squeeze out. It is better to use this method at the very beginning of introduction of a feeding up when liquid food without uniform lump is necessary for the kid.

6. In the filtered puree pour in the remained vegetable broth. If it is not enough for obtaining liquid consistence, add the decanted breast milk or mix (in the future it is possible to use the diluted cow's milk). For improvement of taste and increase in nutritiousness of a dish add 1 tsp of the diluted salt solution and 1 drop not refined vegetable or butter. They are a source of vitamin D and E.

7. The portion of mashed potatoes for the baby makes 200 g. However for the first times it is possible to prepare twice less as the new dish for the kid will be unusual and much he will not eat. It is necessary to begin with 1-2 teaspoons and every time to increase a portion on as much. And that the child gorged on, it is necessary to finish feeding him a breast or mix.

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