How to teach to fill up the kid independently

How to teach to fill up the kid independently

All children different and in the course of learning it is better for independent falling asleep to apply individual approach to everyone or to rely on a maternal intuition. Kids have psychomotor intelligence, i.e. they learn the whole world through the movement, perceive falling asleep as something unpleasant as parting with close people. Only applying patience and the sequence in actions, it is possible to achieve success.


1. Observe a day regimen. The habit to sleep at the same time promotes independent falling asleep. Walk in the fresh air more.

2. Before going to bed play with the child quiet games, let know that day came to an end. It is before going to bed recommended: to read old fairy tales, to put to bed toys, to put cubes or puzzles. It is better to leave outdoor games, new books and toys for morning of the next day.

3. Develop the ritual of falling asleep. The brain of the child is affected by various incentives therefore the repeating actions have the calming protective value. It can be only yours with the child of the sequence – singing of a lullaby of a song, laying of a toy near the kid, kisses, overview of events in a day, etc. After observance of a ritual be persistent, but are tender. List everything that you made for observance of a ritual, tell that you need to carry out the affairs, and do not answer appeals of the child.

4. Try to provide all possible desires of the child – drink, a pot that the child could not manipulate the adult and send him to and fro.

5. Try not to stack the kid in a hurry. Allocate time stock to create the necessary weakened atmosphere, an opportunity to communicate.

6. Resolve all conflicts to a dream, do not leave punishment for the morning. The child takes the delayed punishment painfully. He will think that it is not loved.

7. Practice corporal contact before going to bed – embrace, kiss, call a tender word, so the kid will like feeling of love and security.

8. Do not leave the child alone with fears. Include a night lamp. Use a lamp with the moving images, they possess the calming influence. It is per day better to remove a night lamp far away from the child's eyes.

9. Do not persist if at your child the sleep disorder is observed. While he falls asleep, a postoyta at a bed, the excessive rigidity can only do much harm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team