How to train the child in work at the computer

How to train the child in work at the computer

The computer became not luxury, but a world learning tool for a long time. Useful it can be not only for adults, but also for children. However long pastime behind it can do much harm to the child therefore parents should teach the kid to use the computer correctly.


1. Hardly the child learned to go surely as he tries to approach the computer closer. No wonder, mom with dad spend behind him a lot of time, and the kid wants to know that interesting they found in this car. However to two and a half - three years the child behind the screen of the monitor has nothing to do. At this time he still accustoms to the real world.

2. When there comes the age of "why-askers", here the computer and will be good help for the child and his parents. Load interactive games and the training transfers for the smallest. It is much more interesting not to read in the book why fish does not sink, and most it to appear in the underwater world and to look how there everything is arranged. Children who used the training programs at school feel more surely.

3. Explain to the child of the instruction for use of the computer. Show how it joins how to start the program what keys should be pressed during the game. Certainly, in operating time at the computer you will be near the kid, however it does not mean that when you leave for five minutes, he will not manage to press dozen buttons and to format a disk. Explain to him that you should not press anything without your permission.

4. Also graphic programs – Paint or Paintbrush can be pleasant to the kid. Later he will be able to master the photoshop, to learn to draw pictures, to create cards and invitations. The color printer where the child will be able to unpack results of the creativity will be not superfluous.

5. Parents of younger school students receive undoubted advantage from the computer. By means of games they teach children to make independently decisions and to immediately see their consequences. At some schools of pupils at this age begin to train in Flash-animation. Children with pleasure create cartoons and develop the creative abilities.

6. After generation of children raised by the TV the generation which is brought up by the computer grows up. It is not necessary to shift the duties to the car. Be engaged together with the child, show him the new training movies, you learn to focus on interactive games.

7. The child who mastered the computer will come to open spaces of the Internet sooner or later. You should not release it to walk on this huge virtual world alone. Explain to the kid of the rule of conduct on the Internet, agree that it will not download files without your permission, to open suspicious letters with investments as there can be a virus. Whenever possible block the websites containing information which should not catch sight to the child in the browser.

8. Many children so are fond of the computer that they prefer virtual communication to real. Think out to the kid interesting entertainments which will help it to return to reality.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team