How to treat the child for acetone

How to treat the child for acetone

The increased acetone content in urine at the child has a set of the various reasons. It is possible to treat him in house conditions. There are several recipes checked by mothers of kids who faced this problem.

It is required to you

  • - enema with a camomile;
  • - No-Spa;
  • - compote from a quince;
  • - porridge;
  • - buckwheat cereal;
  • - mashed potatoes;
  • - vegetable soup without salt


1. In urine at the child the slackness, nausea, vomiting, a headache, belly-aches and also high temperature are considered as signs of the increased acetone content. The causes of this illness are various - it can be the investigation of improper feeding of the child, his excessive emotionality, overfatigue and many other things. However all of them are secondary, the main reason - oppression of work of a pancreas: enzymes just do not manage to process the proteins received by the child. Fermentation process, and, therefore, and organism intoxications begins.

2. It is possible to treat the child in the national ways, except, of course, those cases when the condition of the kid already quite serious, then is required the help of experts.

3. Way first. In the first day give an enema to the child with a camomile or soda, give on half-tablets of No-Spa three times a day, let's drink compote from a quince. Next day for breakfast give porridge on water without oil, sugar and salt, drink – compote from a quince. The next day – again porridge, buckwheat or mashed potatoes (all without additives), and compote from a quince. Next day cook vegetable soup without salt (at the end of cooking it is possible to add a small piece of butter), drink - again a quince. Further keep to a strict diet.

4. Way second. In the first day give to the child a lot of drink. For the second day crackers with green leaf tea. The third day – cook porridge on water, vegetable soup, mashed potatoes on water. The fourth day – give porridge on water, soup vegetable with beef, for dinner offer baked potatoes. The fifth day – porridge for breakfast, for lunch of quenelle from beef, for dinner prepare in an oven of a stewed rabbit with onions. Further adhere to this diet of week three, then begin to enter other products gradually.

5. It is very important to give to the child plentiful drink. Well organism dehydration is interfered by Regidron, however, his saltish taste is not pleasant to children. It is necessary to give drink systematically, even during a children's dream and at night. In a hospital to children appoint droppers, but drink does not cancel it.

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