How to understand that the child moves

How to understand that the child moves

Each pregnant woman looks forward to the moment when she is able to feel movements of the child. In the first pregnancy of stir begin to be felt between 20 and 22 weeks, but some women swear that in 18 weeks could recognize the signs given by the kid.


1. Many pregnant women compare the first movements of the kid to waves of wings of a butterfly or splashing of a little small fish. However it is easy to confuse careful touches with the movement of gases in intestines, and only when the child begins to be kicked noticeably, there is no doubt left.

2. By the beginning of the moment of stirs of the child indeed it is possible to compare to the aquarium fish. Between 20 and 24 weeks it is still quite small, the cavity of a uterus offers it a lot of place for gymnastic exercises, at the same time amniotic waters extinguish its movements therefore touches turn out fleeting and very gentle.

3. Their woman can feel under different circumstances. Usually it occurs in the morning after breakfast. Nutrients direct to a fruit, the child begins to be engaged strongly in acrobatics, during one of the somersaults he is sharper than usual hits against walls of a bubble and here it is the first push which also is not similar to a push, and it is more on careful touch.

4. Some pregnant women are capable to feel it only if the stomach is densely pressed by something at this time. Mom can be fastened by an automobile belt at this time or lie on a stomach.

5. If movements are felt between a pubic bone and a navel, and the term of your pregnancy lies between 18 and 22 weeks, can be sure is "it".

6. If stirs arise in the top or side part of a stomach - it is not the kid, these are only intestines or any other body in you.

7. In few weeks you can already notice rhythmic twitchings in yourself. You should not be frightened them, it means that at the kid the hiccups began. Also you can notice that at loud sounds the child begins to move stronger. In it there is nothing surprising too. Sounds outside can get to a fruit and even to frighten it.

8. By the end of the 25th week the kid will grow up so that his movements cannot already be confused with anything. But can happen and so that it suddenly will calm down at several o'clock and even days. It is quite normal too. If you are disturbed by lack of movements, see the doctor that that made sure that with the child everything be all right, and dispelled your doubts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team