Whether it is possible to eat fish at pregnancy

Whether it is possible to eat fish at pregnancy

Any fish is rich with useful minerals, and seafood in addition is sources of fluorine and iodine. It is considered that saturated fatty acids which there is a lot of in sea fish are extremely useful to improvement of a condition of an organism therefore pregnant women need to include fish in a diet. However not all fish is suitable for such situation.

High content of vitamins and... mercury

The problem is that all seafood and sea fish contain a small amount of mercury. In overwhelming quantity of cases of mercury so it is not enough that health hazard does not arise. However some fishes contain mercury slightly more that can give negative effect on development of the central systems of the child.

To pregnant women, feeding to mothers and small children it is necessary to move away completely from a diet of big fishes long-livers, for example, fish sword, a shark and a royal mackerel. Similar to them large fishes contain a significant amount of mercury. Fish and seafood of rather smaller size it is possible to eat bravely. At the same time the total number of fish has to be less than three hundred forty grams in a week. Researchers found out that the smallest content of mercury in meat of catfish, salmon, shrimp, pollock and light tuna.

As well as actually fish, caviar contains a wide range of minerals which are useful to the person. Caviar resembles for the use during pregnancy if it was carefully pasteurized or prepared. In certain cases it even needs to be eaten regularly as it increases amount of hemoglobin. In not pasteurized fish caviar listeriya (pathogenic bacteria) can breed. The same bacteria can be in fish which is used for sushi. Certificates that this bacterium gets into breast milk, no, but through a placenta it can get, respectively, it makes sense to limit consumption of sushi during pregnancy.

Some scientists consider that they are fish to women in the family way it is necessary as she favorably influences development of a brain of a fruit. However it is important to use safe fish with small amount of mercury.

The human body can react to fish not in the best way

Certain species of fish can act as strong allergens. Allergic reaction to fish meets not too often, however the feeding mothers need to have it in mind, tracing a condition of a children's organism after feeding to minimize possible negative consequences. Pregnant women just should not experiment, trying unfamiliar or exotic species of fish in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

If during pregnancy the hypothyroidism developed to fill the shortage of iodine it is necessary to eat seafood and fish twice a week.

To reduce possible risk from eating of seafood, fish, sushi and caviar, it is important to follow a number of rules. To buy fresh fish from the checked sellers and in worthy shops, to store in the corresponding conditions, to prepare carefully. In that case nothing will prevent you to eat variously and it is useful without harm for the child.

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