How to warm up the child

How to warm up the child

Children often are ill, especially those that go to kindergarten. But it is not recommended to treat children by means of tablets, especially without consultation with the pediatrician. Warming up which is capable to defeat just begun disease will not do harm and not to allow it to develop into a serious disease. Also thermal impact on an organism well cures of cough and cold. Before warming up the kid, it is necessary to make sure that he did not increase body temperature, and already then to start procedures.


1. Pour hot water into a basin, its temperature has to be about 40-45 degrees. It is possible slightly above, but nevertheless not boiled water. If skin at the kid insensitive, add a little mustard powder, about 1 tablespoon on 5 liters of water. Let the child will take legs in a basin, and you in process of water cooling accurately add boiled water. During the procedure it is better to wrap up the child with a plaid that process of warming happened quicker and better. In 30 minutes walk, put on to the child woolen socks and put him in a bed under a warm plaid. It is better to carry out the warming procedures before going to bed.

2. Warming up by mustard plasters is used as means of fight against cough. Take mustard plasters and moisten them in warm water. Apply to a back and a breast of the kid and cover from above with cellophane. Cover the child with a blanket that the effect was stronger. In 5-15 minutes remove mustard plasters and wipe skin with a damp towel. If strong reddening or burning is observed, oil to the child skin olive or any children's cream.

3. The warming ointments with essential oils or turpentine are used for treatment of kids too. Buy any age-appropriate ointment of the child. Smear a back, a breast and heels. Warmly dress the child and put in a bed. For strengthening of effect give tea with raspberry jam or any warm berry fruit drink. To wash away ointment optional at once, it can be done then when you bathe the kid. This way can be applied even in the presence at the child of high temperature.

4. The bath has the good warming effect. If the child has no temperature, bring together him in a steam room, and to Kamenka add a little fir oil. Warm up the kid within 7-15 minutes, but it is no more. Children have not a lot of blood, and they can overheat. After a bath provide the kid with plentiful warm drink.

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