How to wash diapers

How to wash diapers

With emergence in the house of the kid the rhythm of life of parents changes and washing of children's diapers becomes one of their daily duties. At all seeming simplicity of process, it has the small secrets and subtleties.

It is required to you

  • Diapers, children's soap, detergent for washing of children's linen, water.


1. First of all it is necessary to get a large number of diapers that it was not necessary to erase each of them separately. As the child ""goes to a toilet"" rather often, it is much simpler to fold the described diapers in a basin with water, and to wash them once a day in the washing machine. If that is not available, it is possible to presoak diapers in powder or to wash them with use of children's soap. Detergents at which there is an alkali or fragrances and dyes can cause irritation and allergies. Therefore for children's things at sale there are special powders.

2. Recommendations of how to wash diapers with a stake, differ a little. Before soaking of kcal it is necessary to clean off a brush under a stream of flowing water and already only after that to start hand wash. It concerns also use of the washing machine, otherwise all cycle of washing a diaper will float in water with products of waste of activity.

3. It is necessary to rinse diapers repeatedly, changing water. In washing machines at which there is a function of washing of children's linen time for rinsing is increased. When there are no such functions, it is required to set the mode of additional rinsing. Only this way all particles of detergent will leave fabric. Whether to use the conditioner for children's linen – to solve only to mom. However in the first months of life the allergic reactions are possible even on the safest conditioner.

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