Identification of allergens at the child

At children, especially aged up to one year, allergic reactions which are expressed in the form of diathesis can often be shown and not only. Sometimes even the experienced doctor cannot quickly define because of what the kid suffers. For this purpose it is required to carry out a number of special tests.

The most widespread way for identification of allergens at the child is the skin method. The procedure is usually carried out in an office of the doctor. The drop of substance which presumably causes allergies is applied to skin of the child. Then through this drop do a mini-prick and already in a few minutes receive result. By a similar method the doctor can reveal presence at the child of an allergy to dust, are blown food and a plant. Also skin way allows to define what allergen can cause frequent attacks of bronchial asthma.

Reaction to allergen is considered positive if on the place of introduction of substance the swelling and reddening appeared.

The skin test is so popular because is absolutely painless. Besides, this procedure costs absolutely not much and always shows reliable result.

Children very often have an allergy to pollen of plants. But surely it will be required to find out about what plant it is. For this purpose it is necessary to carry out the special simple test. Usually the doctor digs in in one nostril estimated allergen, and in another – usual control liquid. The result of testing is detected on reaction to substances. The similar procedure does not take a lot of time and yields result of high precision.

It is also possible to take application sample at the child. For this purpose on skin it is necessary to put a small piece of a gauze with a certain amount of substance which perhaps provokes allergic reactions. The result will be visible only in 24 hours. Most often similar method is used at skin contact dermatitis. It is possible to hold testing for an allergy of different types if to take from the child the analysis on immunoglobulin. Usually serum of blood of the person undertakes. Careful blood test as a result of which availability of immunoglobulin comes to light is carried out. On its concentration it is possible to judge presence of an allergy.

In 3-4 days prior to carrying out the similar analysis it is recommended to exclude physical and emotional activities.

And here in the presence of negative reaction to some food it is better to do the simplest eliminative tests. Previously it will be required to exclude from the child's diet estimated allergen for few weeks. It is possible to consider that allergen is defined truly if disturbing symptoms do not disturb the kid during the entire period of time. Respectively at introduction of this product to a diet, also allergic reaction of an organism will return. It is desirable to keep a food diary when carrying out similar tests. Otherwise it will be complicated to remember as when your children ceased to eat.

It is interesting that such tasty berry as strawberry is one of the strongest allergens for a children's organism.

If you suspect a medicinal allergy at the kid, it will also be possible to hold eliminative testing. Only it is necessary to do it under strict control of the doctor. Only the qualified specialist can advise an analog with which it is possible to replace any given medicine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team