In what toys modern children are interested

In what toys modern children are interested

It is no secret, that new generations differ from previous. Modern toys for children any more not such, as before. Of course, some children cannot sit still, but such units. In the majority modern children prefer computer entertainments.

Computer toys replaced ordinary bears and dolls. Now children choose characters of the favourite animated films and spend with them time in virtual reality. In  the majority mini-games do not do to children any harm, however, there are both positive, and negative sides.


Among girls one animated film about girlfriends - daughters of characters of horrors is popular. On the one hand, these girls are stylish dressed and made brightly up, with another - girlfriends have unhealthy complexion and accessories in the form of coffins.

Some psychologists sound the alarm, but can do nothing, to interfere with families is not permitted to them. However, not everything is so terrible as it seems at first sight. If to look at a cartoon with children, then it is possible to understand that thus children learn all aspects of life and cope with the fears together with characters. As for toys, even the harmless bear can do harm if to connect it with an unpleasant situation.

Computer games

Computer games remain one more problem for parents. Children like to spend time behind quests, shooter games and browsers. Sometimes they thus remove stress or fill an emotional state. If the kid spends too much time in such game, then at it or there is a lot of free time, or problems appeared.

Negative impact

It is harmful to small children to spend at the computer more than ten minutes, and school students are allowed to be engaged till one o'clock. Otherwise, at the child can the sight will worsen, and the backbone curvature will appear.

Toys for children harmless can be modern if not to allow the child to spend all the time behind them. Write down the kid in circles, walk with him in the fresh air. Then your child will be comprehensively developed. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team