Issues of puberty

Issues of puberty

Puberty at teenagers - the disturbing and serious period. How it is correct to present information and what the teenager specifically has to know?


1. When there comes time for this awkward subject, parents need to show special tactfulness. Concerning puberty and sex, with the girl mother, with the son the father has to speak. Parents of the same floor, as the child will be able to tell better about various physiological changes of a body of the teenager, to give advice. The conversation becomes more natural.

2. Do not avoid this subject at all even if you suspect that the child is already informed. Information sources, such as Internet, television, school friends, can bear the distorted knowledge. If the child did not face the matter, any changes in an organism at all, for example, periods and breast pains at girls, wet dreams at boys, can frighten. The normal physical phenomena will perceive as deviations or a disease.

3. Explain that sexual inclination to an opposite sex - the natural phenomenon. You should not be ashamed of the feelings. State the point of view about the relations of men and women, the teenager will apprehend information even if he has in this respect other opinion.

4. Emphasize importance of the close emotional relations prior to classes with sex. Normal and healthy relationship of the guy and girl means manifestations of mutual care, respect, warmth of feelings. The sexual relations will not be able to return the lost darling, or to somehow improve the relations. Sexual relations it not most important, and only addition.

5. Surely discuss a contraception subject. It is necessary to secure itself against premature pregnancy and diseases, sexually transmitted. Pay attention that the sexual relations it is heavy responsibility for itself and the partner. Undesirable consequences are so pernicious that can change completely life and upset all light plans for the future.

6. Business will not end with one conversation. Encourage the child, without stesneniye, at any time to ask you questions. If it is difficult to talk on delicate subjects, you can advise the correct sources of information, special books, articles.

7. If the teenager stumbled, do not make scandal. The main thing to help the child now. After that induce the child to draw conclusions and to be always careful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team