Membrane clothes: features of leaving

Membrane clothes: features of leaving

The membrane clothes are ideal for use in cold season: it promotes heat preservation, well removes moisture, allows skin to breathe, differs in ease and water tightness. However it is difficult in leaving, besides if the user does not follow a number of important rules, he risks to spoil an expensive thing hopelessly.

Main features of care for membrane clothes

Remember that things from membrane fabric quickly lose all the remarkable properties at the wrong cleaning therefore it is impossible to violate rules of care for them under no circumstances. It is strictly forbidden to use when washing conditioners, bleaches and also the powders intended for care for other types of fabrics. It is impossible to apply also means as a part of which there is a chlorine even if in insignificant quantities. It is not recommended to wash membrane clothes in the machine, to presoak for a long time and also to fill in with hot water.

The simplest option of care for membrane fabric – use of special sprays. Such means cost expensive, but they allow to clean quickly and easily clothes, to delete from it spots, without worsening at the same time characteristics of fabric and without depriving of it special characteristics. After cleaning it is recommended to impregnate clothes with aerosols. However, it is necessary to do it and after washing of things of membrane fabric. If you notice that after impregnation by special aerosols material changed a shade a little, be not frightened - it is the normal phenomenon.

As it is correct to erase and dry membrane clothes

If you do not want to use sprays or have no opportunity to buy such means for purification of membrane fabrics, the clothes can just be washed. But be careful and carefully observe all councils, otherwise economy on spray will turn back big expenditure for new clothes. It is possible to wash such things in water which temperature does not exceed 30o Celsius. It is possible to use at the same time only soft liquid soap or the sparing shampoo, including children's, besides in small amounts. Do not presoak clothes at all and do not rub it too strongly. Clean the surface of fabric carefully and accurately, you carry out on it by palms or a sponge, but do not use a rigid brush. Having washed membrane clothes, spread it, straighten on a plain firm surface, and then accurately get wet with towels or soft clean rags. After that it is necessary to leave the outspread clothes in well aired room before full drying. To dry it, having suspended on a rope or especially having fixed by clothespegs, it is not recommended. You remember also that it is impossible to iron membrane fabric at all, as well as to dry a hot current of air (for example, suspending over the heating device or using the hair dryer) – from it material loses the useful properties.

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