Modern psychology as science

Modern psychology as science

Modern psychology – the branched and quite complex system of knowledge including a number of the industries developing independently. The richness of the directions of this science is caused by the fact that life for the last several decades very much became complicated. The psychology is faced by tasks which solution demands laborious studying the new realities concerning the personality and her situation in society.


1. Methods of psychological science and its structure of a decade by a decade steadily develop, the research base extends, qualification of experts grows. Science theorists contain several dozen separate disciplines and the directions anyway connected with psychological knowledge. All the time are added to the traditional branches of psychology which arose one and a half centuries ago new, gradually finding independence.

2. In the system of psychological sciences the general psychology continues to take the central place. It performs function of the integrator uniting other industries in a uniform system. The general psychology considers regularities of development and functioning of mentality, providing to scientists methodology of researches and the generalized theoretical provisions.

3. Separately in structure of modern psychology it is accepted to consider the industries which investigate problems of human activities. Here it is possible to carry work psychology, clinical, legal and pedagogical psychology. Very much the value of the engineering psychology dealing with issues of interaction of the person with technical systems increased in recent years.

4. Change of economic realities contributes to the development of the directions of psychology in which center there are various aspects of management, advertizing and business. In the conditions of free market economy the value of the psychology of marketing having applied character increases. Success in business activity comes to those who consider psychological features of interaction between producers and consumers of goods and services.

5. The practical importance of the branches of psychology studying various aspects of development of the person does not decrease. Researches in the field of age, differential and comparative psychology are demanded. The results received by scientists find application in activity of educational and social institutions. The psychology of abnormal development considering questions of violations of mentality and behavior became the separate industry.

6. Trends of development of a civilization allow to assume that in the next decades the psychology role will increase in the system of sciences. Researchers consider that new century will bring blossoming to sciences about the person. The individual and social group – the main units of interactions in society. Knowledge of regularities of psychology of the personality and collective gives the chance to build up the effective relationship in modern society.

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