On what websites children can communicate

On what websites children can communicate

Any child gets acquainted with the computer sooner or later, and later and with the Internet. As a rule, at first children are attracted by games then they mature, attend school, meet peers. Then they learn about existence of social networks on the Internet through which, they can continue communication with friends, without leaving the house.


1. Vebika is one of the safest websites for teenagers. On this website it is possible to find the online games contributing to the creative development of the child. Having created the account on this website, your child can independently communicate with peers who have to be registered also there without effort. By rules of this website, nobody, except friends, will be able to send to your child the message. But the most important that each message is checked by moderators for observance of rules and lack of inadmissible forms. Parents if desired can adjust parental control which will show on this website, what is the time their child saw off on this website, than was interested that watched and so on. Having set time limit, you should not remind the child that it is time to stop sitting at the computer – when there is time the website automatically will be closed. But before it the child will periodically receive messages about time exit.

2. The website Webkinz is intended for children aged from seven up to fourteen years. Entertainment and interactive programs which help children to adapt to adulthood socially enter it. The main advantage of this website is that all alleged actions of the teenager are already simulated by design service that completely excludes emergence on the website of harmful and undesirable information.

3. On the website Classnet.ru there is a communication of children from various schools or other educational institutions. Children can not only communicate, create classes here, but also fill up the website with various information. This project helps to keep all school memoirs in special archive. This website differs only in the fact that it will be already more difficult to parents to control correspondence of the child and, especially, to limit it from an untoward influence.

4. The Tvidi network is also intended for school students, however access to it is limited. Creators of this website took care to make a resource safer and complicated registration. It is possible to get on it, only if the registered user invites you. Tweed it is considered a unique system which contributes to the development of teenagers of school age. On this resource children can play various online games, to keep a diary and also to load the photos and video.

5. Opening for itself social network, the child has to understand that it is only an additional way of communication, but not the main or alternative. And only his parents who have to show him that real life is much better and more interesting than what he sees on the screen will help to understand it to the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team