Orphanage - a shelter for the thrown children or prison?

Orphanage - a shelter for the thrown children or prison?

On the children deprived of parents usually hang up a brand – "children's home". It means that in society look at such people with pity and caution, without believing that they can really achieve something in life. Whether a joke – according to about 40% (!) of graduates of orphanages in Russia follow a criminal way. On the other hand, some orphanages in which kids are tried to be surrounded with almost maternal caress and care are known to all.

Mom, what I will do?

The reasons for which the child gets to orphanage there can be great variety. At some parents died, at the majority – are deprived of the parental rights for a booze or ill treatment, simply refused some. A problem of the state with which it copes with different degree of success is continued support, socialization and education of these children.

Orphanages, as well as kindergartens, and schools, can be different. Some of them really remind prison – it already depends on teaching staff. By a bigger part of the nurse, tutors, teachers of orphanages and the truth very much try to present to these children love and caress, but if human heart can quite contain 30, 50, 100 kids, then there will not be enough time for everyone just physically. And for this reason the education of children turns into the conveyor.

Psychologists say that any child thrown by parents whatever small they was victim of a severe psychological injury which cannot already be healed.

It turns out so: up to 4 years the kid is in the House of the baby where he already has friends where he gets used to nurses and tutors. Then he is transferred to orphanage – and it should meet anew children, to get used to local orders and a new teaching staff. Often after that in 7 years the child gets to boarding school where in addition there can be a division into the high and elementary grades. Of course, any child goes approximately through the same stages of socialization, but the fact is that after kindergarten, school, school it comes home to mom in the evening. And these children have no place to go – and they at so early age should begin every time all over again. But it is only one problem.

Mom, how I will live?

Another is that orphans live in the closed space. In this plan of orphanage the truth are similar to prison – the laws work there, there is the special life, and then when children grow and get to "the big world", they simply do not know how they have to behave. Besides, under the law the employees of orphanages have no right to force children to work, including, say, to help in kitchen. And then the graduate of orphanage, having received the lawful apartment from the state, will not know how to clean up it and how to make to itself a lunch. How to earn to itself a living – will know the few too. From here and huge percent of criminals.

10% of graduates of orphanages get higher education and find the worthy place in life.

For this reason in all institutions where children without parents are raised, it is considered that it is always better for the child in family – native, reception, foster, - than in a shelter. Orphanage – not prison. But also it too never makes anybody happy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team