Simfizit at pregnancy: symptoms

Simfizit at pregnancy: symptoms

Simfiz is a scientific name of a lonny joint or pubis. During pregnancy it is softened to facilitate a way of the child. These changes are considered as norm and do not disturb future mom in any way. However there are cases when process goes not according to the scenario.

Excessive softening of joints results in their hyper mobility. As a result. pubic bones disperse too far, causing pain at the woman. Such state is also called simfizity.

Simfizit reasons

The exact causes of the simfizit are still unknown. According to one theory, it is connected with a lack of calcium of an organism of future mom, on another – there is a lot of hormone of a relaksin.

In risk group there are women having hereditary diseases of the musculoskeletal device, who got injured a basin in the past, leading an inactive life. Also promoting factors are repeated childbirth and incubation of the large child (weight more than 4 kg).

Simfizit symptoms

At an initial stage of a disease the woman feels pain in the field of a pubis at circulation and rise on a ladder. At this stage the symptoms of the simfizit are often written off for natural changes in an organism and remain unaddressed. Further development of a disease strengthens pain. They torment the woman not only during walking, but also during sitting or lying. To turn over on other side, to raise a leg, to rise from a sofa, future mom needs to make efforts and to stock up with patience. The pubis begins to swell. Started simfizit leads to the fact that the patient has a duck gait. Steps become short and heavy. The pregnant woman moves waddlingly, crossing from one leg on another. If in time not to take a measure, finally the joint can tear. It threatens with complications during childbirth, long treatment and several weeks of a bed rest.

Prevention of the simfizit

Prevention of the simfizit comes down to timely visit of the obstetrician-gynecologist, early registration (on term up to 12 weeks), to passing of planned ultrasonography. You carry a special dorodovy bandage which will facilitate load of joints and bones of a basin and also back muscles. Be engaged in the physical exercises on an extension developed especially for pregnant women, not less than 30 minutes a day. Avoid too long sitting, high physical activities. During long walk give yourself the chance to have a rest. Include more products rich with protein and calcium in a diet and limit fats and carbohydrates. Ask the observing doctor to advise you vitamins for pregnant women.

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