Small cunnings: how to learn dictionary words

Small cunnings: how to learn dictionary words

Each teacher will tell that dictionary words – it is very important: their knowledge helps us to learn to write competently in Russian. How to help the child to learn dictionary words?

Each mom represents that it to learn dictionary words with the child: there is a lot of them, all of them are different. Time for that to teach them, leaves much, and the result often does not please. What to do?

To learn, of course. And to try to make so that it was less cramming, and study turned into a game. There are several councils which can help to cope with difficult, but such proper dictionary words.

  •    The teacher issued the list of dictionary words? Great! Think where it can be hung up so that there was an opportunity to repeat them little by little. A great option – on a wall in kitchen, near that place where the child usually sits. Let words will be before eyes all the time.
  •    There is no list? Make it, so it is even better. Write 4-5 words which pass in a class, large letters now.
  •    Read words aloud with the child. If words set at once much, it is better to do it in the small portions – to ten words. A bright marker note letters which are difficult for remembering. For example, in the word "ZAYAC" - emphasize "I", "BIRCH" - note "Е".

And now we will play games with words.

The first game, geometrical.

For example, we need to remember as the word "MILK" is written. Difficult letters – Oh, they are round. Means, we need to think up something round with milk, for example, the round can with milk slides from the hill. The bank can even draw this and to invent about it a story.

Let's take other floor: "PLANT". The difficult letter – And, is similar to a triangle. Means, it is possible to draw the triangular building of the plant. And if before this word there was a word "MILK", it is possible to tell the child that at this plant spill milk – in round banks. All this helps us to connect imagination and to do faceless words recovered and acquaintances.

The second game: we think out stories.

The essence of a game is in thinking up phrases in which all difficult letters will be clear and simple. For example, milk wet. In the first word the letter is unclear, and in the second – nobody will be mistaken, O.A here will write a phrase on the second letter: milk in a spoon. We will go to the plant tomorrow. If it turns out ridiculously – it is very good: it will so quicker be remembered.

And last council: do not postpone dictionary words for the last day, in order that words were well remembered, time is required. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team