Sterilization of children's ware: the microwave suits not only for food!

Sterilization of children's ware: the microwave suits not only for food!

The main children's ware are small bottles from which feed the kid with dairy mix, porridges and also allow to drink juice, compote or water. The small bottles used for feeding of the kid have to be sterilized surely before each feeding. Very easily and quickly it is possible to make it in the microwave oven.

In children's small bottles after feeding the favorable environment for development of various bacteria dangerous to a weak organism of the kid can appear. The undeveloped immune system is not capable to cope with them, and it can lead to developing of gripes, swellings, gastrointestinal frustration and dysbacteriosis. Thorough washing and sterilization will help to avoid these negative points. For processing it is possible to get a special sterilizer for children's ware, but it is dstatochno easy to make it in the ordinary microwave oven.

For sterilization in the microwave it is possible to use the special container, a usual plastic container suitable for use in the microwave oven or packages for sterilization.

The sink in kitchen should be cleaned, closed carefully a stopper and to gather waters. To add a little means for washing of children's ware to water. To sort small bottles and to remove nipples. Using the special brush with a rigid bristle, to wash up all parts of a small bottle. To lower a sink and under flowing water to wash out small bottles, then to wipe them with a clean soft towel.

To put a small bottle with a pacifier in in advance prepared container and to place it in the microwave oven. To sterilize ware at the maximum power within 90 seconds. Upon termination of process of sterilization to take out a container from the microwave, to get a small bottle and to place it in the fridge. In the same way will sterilize all other small bottles separately.

The container used for sterilization has to be more by the size, than the small bottles sterilized in it.

In specialized children's shops it is possible to get a special container sterilizer for the microwave. Such process of sterilization practically does not differ from sterilization in a usual container. The washed-up and threadbare small bottles and nipples place in the cleaned container with water and put it in the microwave oven. Establish the power and time specified in the instruction to a sterilizer. Sterile ware which will not be used at once is placed in the fridge.

During sterilization it is impossible to close at all small bottles as the air which is in them under the influence of microwaves extends, and it can lead to explosion.

Good means for sterilization of ware in the microwave are reusable packages. Clean ware is put in a package, add a little water and by means of the special lock hermetically closed. On the microwave oven establish the maximum power and will sterilize the amount of time specified in the instruction. They are very convenient at campaigns on a visit or trips, do not take a lot of place and allow to sterilize with little effort a small bottle for the kid in any place where there is a microwave oven. It is possible to sterilize ware for the child in the old grandmother's way, but to use at the same time not a plate, but the microwave oven. For this purpose take the glass capacity (special ware perfectly will be suitable for the microwave oven), pour a little water and place in it a small bottle and a pacifier. At the maximum power will sterilize ware within 8‒10 minutes. Sterilization of children's ware very important and crucial moment in care for the kid. Application of unsterile ware can cause the mass of the negative consequences demanding long and laborious correction.

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