Stimulation of childbirth: how quicker to give rise

Stimulation of childbirth: how quicker to give rise

If childbirth does not begin in any way, and the child already has to be born, physicians are forced to resort to their artificial stimulation by means of various methods. However each of these methods has indications and contraindications therefore it is not recommended to ask the doctor about acceleration of childbirth for any reasons categorically.

Vida StimulyatsiiPerenashivanie of pregnancy it is characterized by lack of water, reduction of thickness of a placenta, a thickening of cranial bones of the child and so on. The lack of patrimonial activity in the put time is fraught with deterioration in functioning of a placenta that leads to significant deterioration in a condition of a fruit. In such cases the stimulation of childbirth to which often apply an artificial rupture of a fetal bubble or an amniotomiya during which the bubble is punctured with the kryuchkopodobny tool is also appointed. This procedure is almost painless (in a fetal bubble there are no nervous terminations) and allows to start process of a rodorazresheniye at the expense of an otkhozhdeniye of amniotic waters.

After the executed amniotomiya the patrimonial activity begins approximately in several hours.

Also childbirth accelerates by means of special "prostaglandinovy" gel which the obstetrician enters into a neck of the uterus of the woman lying on a gynecologic chair. This procedure allows to begin childbirth nine-ten hours later after medicine introduction. If childbirth began, but patrimonial activity too weak, and the neck of the uterus badly reveals, physicians resort to stimulation by droppers with oxytocin or prostaglandins. Oxytocin is the hormone produced by a brain which stimulates smooth muscles and raises a sokratitelny akivnost of a uterus. Prostaglandins (gormonopodobny substances) have similar properties. Four-six hours later after stimulation of childbirth by one of above-mentioned ways physicians estimate advantage of them – if there is no effect, to the woman do Cesarean section. Features stimulyatsiiprotivopokazaniye to acceleration of patrimonial activity is her hyperactivity, a hypertension, presence of a chronic hypoxia of a fruit or hem on a uterus and also cardiovascular or other dangerous diseases of the woman in labor. Ideally the woman has to give rise independently as childbirth is natural process which has to be followed by the correct breath at attempts and fights. Physicians claim that the women trying to control the head the child's birth whereas full and instinctive return to process allows an organism to make everything most often need stimulation as it is necessary.

Future mothers are recommended to have special training at school for pregnant women – then acceleration of childbirth will hardly be required.

Also natural childbirth is desirable for the reason that the child born without stimulation endures a smaller stress during passing of patrimonial ways. Besides, non-interference to patrimonial activity prevents emergence of shortage of oxygen at the child. Use of medicines for stimulation is also not useful – so, oxytocin most often gives to skin of newborns a yellowish shade of skin as this hormone increases the level of bilirubin in blood and enters with it chemical reaction. Jaundice passes independently within several weeks.

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