The child's food at the age of 5 years

The child's food at the age of 5 years

Food of the child of 5 years already differs from the menu of early age and is as close as possible to the adult's food. However for normal development of the kid the parents should know age requirements of his organism.

Opinion of experts

The food allowance of the child of 5 years differs in reduction of caloric content and proteins of animal origin. And, respectively, increase in food of vegetable proteins. Nutritionists counted the necessary number of calories of the five-year-old kid - 1970 kcal. And the ratio of norm of proteins, fats and carbohydrates has to be the following: 1:1:4.

Besides, from 5 years the number of meals decreases up to 4 times instead of 5. It is desirable to adhere to these recommendations that the child was full and at the same time his digestive system was not overloaded. It is never not necessary to feed children on coercion, only at feeling of hunger. With the organization of timely food of problems should not arise if the preschool child eats strictly on the mode, in a certain time of day. In this case and gastric juice begins to be emitted in time that promotes good digestion.

Structure of the menu for the child of 5 years

The menu for the child of 5 years can already diversify with dishes for adults. It is desirable that every day the kid got acquainted with various tastes. It is possible to accept in food of a pickles, smoking, canned food, sausage. It is necessary to avoid only some spicy and too greasy food. Also you should not abuse fried food not to overload digestive system of the child. It is better to give preference to the dishes steamed and in an oven. Too much sweet is fraught with appearance of an allergy. It is important also that food was balanced. Now instead of liquid porridges it is worth eating friable porridges. Also rassolniks, pearl and corn grits dishes, aspic are resolved. From them no more than 2 times a week are recommended to serve eggs and the dishes to a children's table. Besides compote, kissels and juice for drink, the kid can give tea, cocoa and coffee drink without caffeine. Parents have to watch that in a diet of the child there were enough vegetables and fruit, especially in the raw. It is necessary for receiving by an organism of necessary phytoncides, vegetable proteins, enzymes, essential oils and pectins which interfere with formation of putrefactive bacteria and fungi in intestines. In salads actively it is necessary to use various greens: celery, parsley, salad, fennel, etc. Creamy and vegetable oils, dairy products, fish and meat are very useful in food. The children visiting preschool educational institutions receive the thrice balanced food there. Parents should study only attentively the menu to provide the kid with a dinner which fully would supplement its day food allowance. It can be ragout, the stuffed vegetables, hash browns, casseroles, puddings, beef Stroganoff, stuffed cabbage, stewed meat and fish.

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