The most effective finger-type games

The most effective finger-type games

Important component in training of children is development of fine motor skills. In fact, this development of coordination and sleight of hand by means of performance by the child of small and exact movements by brushes and fingers. What it is necessary for? Scientists established close connection between hands and the speech center of a brain long ago. The earlier you will begin the classes, the it is easier to master to children the school program, in particular reading and the letter subsequently. As perception through a game is peculiar to children, the greatest effect in development of motor skills various finger-type games have.

Finger-type gymnastics

The simplest, but not less effective, a way to accustom to obey fingers of the child, it to play with them a fascinating performance. The finger-type gymnastics not only trains motility, but also helps the child to be guided with concepts "to the right" and "to the left", "up" and "down".

Any exercise with fingers and hands is followed by cheerful verses. Massage of fingers and a palm will be suitable for the smallest: "Forty - a crow". Mom performs all operations with a hand of the kid (or dad, and can the tutor).

Forty - the crow cooked porridge, cooked Porridge, fed children (mom does by a forefinger on the child's palm circular motions) to It gave on a spoon (the thumb of the child is bent in a fist), to It on a serving spoon (it is bent index and further on the verse course all fingers, except a little finger), to It in a cup, to It in a plateau. And gave Nothing to this finger (a big finger mom slightly pounds the child's little finger)! You did not go into the woods (on each line fingers from a fist upside-down are unbent), did not cut Firewood, did not carry Water, did not heat the Oven - there will be no porridge to you! (mom slightly claps a palm on the opened palm of the child and all movements are carried out further for massage of a children's palm and fingers). The crow went to the forest, (two fingers mom imitates walking) cut Firewood, (the edge of a palm carries out the tapping movements) In the oven put, (three children's fingers of other hand put in a palm and close fingers of this hand, sort of hide) Cook a squash, cook sweet! (without changing the previous position of hands, it is necessary to make circular motions by means of brushes and elbows as if stirring slowly with the imagined porridge). Children are more senior have to carry out exercises, repeating after the adult. Besides fingers and palms, hands in general, legs and even the head of children can enter exercises. Cheerful charging turns out: - A cockerel, a cockerel, (the child has to connect small pillows big and forefingers, and to leave other fingers straight lines that the head of a rooster turned out. Big and a forefinger the pinching from time to time movements as if the cockerel talks are carried out). A gold comb, (palms connect in the lock, fingers rise and fall, imitating a crest of a rooster) Maslyana a golovushka, (both palms the child has to execute the stroking movements from temples to the top) Shelkova a borodushka, (palms in turn smooth a chin from top to down) What you get up early? (the child has to bend, reach fingers socks and become straight smoothly, stretching up with the raised hands) What you loudly sing? (hands are put by palms on sides, elbows aside and the movements of cock wings back and forth are imitated) to Children you do not allow to sleep! (palms together nestle serially on one on other ear of the child, imitating a pose in a dream).

Puppet theater, where actors – fingers

Make a screen of a cardboard box and invite the child to participate in creation of the fairy tale. Finger-type dolls it is possible to sew or also to make of cardboard. The last option is even simpler: fairy tale characters are drawn, stick together from cardboard of a ring of the different sizes (that it was possible to put on any children's finger), and the hero is pasted on a ring. The fairy tale begins!

Hand-made articles the hands

For development of fine motor skills various technicians of drawing or a molding by means of fingers are also considered as effective methods. Drawing by multi-colored sand is of special interest for children. In shop it is possible to get special sticky templates of drawings and sacks with sand of different color scale. On a sticky plate the animal (or a subject) divided into parts by lines is drawn. Each line is designated by the figure. To instructions it is written what figure with what sand of color to fill. The child has to gather sand pinches and strew the corresponding parts, without going beyond the line. As the template is processed by special glue, sand is at once pasted. By means of this equipment children learn not only to work fingers, but also develop an eye estimation (not to go beyond the line and not to damage the drawing).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team