The newborn in a big bathtub

The newborn in a big bathtub

Bathing in big bathtubs promotes rapid and healthy growth of the child and also it perfectly affects cheerfulness, activity and mood. This procedure should be adopted in several weeks from the beginning of childbirth, then you will have many forces for this occupation, and at the child the navel will heal. Of course, it is up to this point better to use the children's bathroom.

It is necessary to choose the correct time for bathing. It is considered that this time before the last feeding. It turns out that the child a little bit will be tired, will freeze slightly and will get hungry from bathing. It is good, then the child with appetite will eat and will quietly go to bed. But to you it is not necessary and to forget that there are exceptions. For example, bathing causes excitement and unwillingness to sleep so it is necessary to adapt most precisely to character of the child and to choose unique time of swimming in some kids.

For a start it is necessary to prepare properly a bathtub before bathing. Clean a bathtub with baking soda, and then rinse with boiled water and hot water. You carry out such procedure of times a week, and in all other days wipe a bathtub with a usual damp rag.

You should not boil water especially for bathing, gather it from the crane. Do not add any disinfectants to water, water can get to the child into a mouth or eyes. Besides, herbs in water cause allergies, and potassium permanganate – burns. 

What is necessary in order that it is correct to expiate the child? A rubber rug on a floor; the thermometer for water; the clean clothes spacious for the child; clean dry diapers with which the child it is necessary to get wet; tampons, oil, powder and Q-tips; bandage and gauze; brilliant green and pipette; hours.

So, the rug is necessary for the adult to protect itself from falling; films perfectly absorb moisture and do not allow skin of the child to be irritated. Q-tips are necessary to remove water from ears, tampons – for greasing of folds, and powder – for the angry skin. Bandage and a gauze are necessary to wipe eyes. But it is not necessary to do it by cotton wool because it vorsitsya. Brilliant green, peroxide of hydrogen and the pipette are necessary if the navel needs processing. Hours as it is clear, are necessary for control of time of bathing.

The best temperature for bathing – 37 degrees. You monitor reaction of the child to check his relation to water. If the child, after short stay in water, actively moves, but is not capricious, so with a temperature you guessed. Besides, it is desirable to hold a door opened that differences of humidity of air did not turn out.

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