To what age at children milk teeth change

To what age at children milk teeth change

The kid grows, and with his growing mom has new questions which concern his health. It would seem, only recently waited for the first teeth, and now you wait when they exchange on radical.


1. The size of milk teeth is much less than radical. Radical crowns are a little shorter and wider, and their roots have considerably small length. Happens so that milk teeth at the child are located asymmetrically, but it is considered admissible. Before loss of teeth you will be able to notice that the distance between teeth at the child becomes more, it occurs because second teeth it is a little more dairy, and the maxillofacial device is preparing for their change. This process rather simple, a root of a milk tooth gradually resolves, tooth begins to be unsteady, and then drops out. When the root begins to resolve, at the same time there is a beginning of growth of new tooth, formation of a root at it continues approximately within several years.

2. The first milk teeth begin to drop out at the age of 5-7 years, but if it occurs for a year sooner or later, such phenomenon is also considered norm. Loss of milk teeth happens absolutely without serious consequences, sometimes the kid himself is capable to pull out to himself tooth which can be unsteady within several days. During this period the special care for the kid is important. For example, it can be transferred to more liquid food because to it can be difficult to chew food. Surely you watch that your child constantly brushed teeth. At emergence of any problems you can address the children's stomatologist.

3. Molars grow after dairy dropped out. Milk teeth in same orders drop out, as well as grew. At first the jaw gets rid of cutters, afterwards from radical, and already in the last turn canines begin to drop out. Finally milk teeth change on constants at the age of 14 years, at the same time at your child the formation of a constant bite begins.

4. Eruption of second teeth happens gradually. At the age of 8-9 years, cutters are cut through, at the age of 9-10 years the first premolyara are cut through. Canines leave during the period from 10 to 11 years, then up to 12 years there are second premolyara. Up to 13 years the child has second painters, and wisdom teeth grow at the person only at more adult age - 20 or 25 years.

5. Second teeth are cut through much more sharply than, dairy, also they are a little more dark. If it seems to you that teeth at the child very big, you should not endure, know that the child will grow up and will become larger, and second teeth grow only once.

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