Treatment of laryngitis at children: drugs, inhalations

Treatment of laryngitis at children: drugs, inhalations

Often at small children the voice osiplost, a sore throat are symptoms of the beginning laryngitis. It is important to parents to see immediately a doctor to begin timely treatment. This not harmless disease: in the started state the laryngitis threatens with serious complications up to a stenosis of a throat and even respiratory standstill.

Why children get sick with laryngitis

What is laryngitis? Experts call so inflammatory process of a mucous throat. Clinical practice shows: more often the disease torments kids up to three years as they have a surface of vocal chords extremely friable, and therefore is inclined to fast hypostasis.

Puffiness of fabrics is caused by various pathogens, other adverse factors. To know the cause of laryngitis at children extremely important - it will allow the doctor to appoint an effective course of therapy. Can cause a disease:

  • SARS, including flu and paraflu – the most frequent cause of laryngitis and laryngotracheitis, especially at often ill children.
  • Complications of other infections, such as measles, chicken pox, scarlet fever.
  • Cold, inhalation of cold air.
  • The bacteria which got into airways, usually – staphylococcus, hemophilic sticks, pneumococci.
  • Any given allergens, it is frequent – dust, food, wool.
  • The severe stress connected with immaturity of central nervous system of the small child.
  • The wrong and frequent use without control of the expert of aerosols for the upper airways.
  • Inflammatory process in additional bosoms of a nose.
  • Bad ecology, smoke.
  • The loud singing or shout which overstrained vocal chords.

How to distinguish laryngitis at the child

Development of laryngitis in children prompt therefore from the first signs of the desease the parents have to sound the alarm. In an onset of the illness:

  • the child becomes sluggish and weak
  • complains of irritation in a throat, then on pain when swallowing
  • his red throat
  • there is cold

If parents hold off the address to the doctor, the disease will quickly progress. It will remind of itself the characteristic loringichesky barking cough which will be shown on an exhalation whereas on a breath the child begins to speak hoarsely.

The following probable problem - a zatrudnennost of breath at which dry rattles are listened. It is noticed that most often the children sick with laryngitis in a sharp form begin to choke early in the morning, and suddenly.

At the sick kid the body temperature can jump up to 39 wasps, and a voice which was hoarse or hoarse earlier, to be gone in general. Around lips there is a cyanotic coloring, lymph nodes increase.

What is a false croup

Certainly, treatment of laryngitis should be begun at an initial stage, however if it for any reason did not occur, be ready to complications! It is necessary to call immediately the ambulance if the child began to breathe unevenly "with whistle", short wind is observed, high temperature does not fall down more than a day!

The hypostasis accompanying a disease does a throat gleam small why are not excluded even respiratory standstill, problems with heart and vessels. So the false croup which it is necessary to treat in the conditions of a hospital proves.   

What parents can make if the child began to choke, strongly was frightened, and the ambulance did not arrive yet:

  • to hold the kid in vertical position
  • to humidify the room by means of a special humidifier, wet towels on the battery
  • as option to start up a hot water jet in the bathroom, to allow to breathe the ferry and to lower the child's legs in warm water
  • to make alkaline inhalation

Treatment of laryngitis in house conditions: inhalations

The laryngitis which is not burdened by serious, life-threatening complications is effectively treated according to medical prescriptions at home. As a rule, to sick kids inhalations which allow to irrigate evenly problem sites with the sprayed liquid or steam with medical solution, broth, infusion are appointed.

For these purposes it is convenient and safe to use the special device – the nebulizer which is on sale complete with a children's mask. Medicine for inhalations gets divorced in physical solution in a certain proportion which is selected by the doctor taking into account age and the weight of the kid.

Procedures need to be done, carefully observing the appointed dosages and instructions to the device. Not less than ten inhalations for at least five days are usually ordered.

What medicines the doctor for inhalations at laryngitis can prescribe:

  • Berodual for relaxation of bronchial tubes and production of slime for the best otkharkivaniye at loringichesky cough
  • alkaline inhalations by mineral water without gas as expectorant means
  • Lazolvan also for the best expectoration
  • Pulmikort at chronic laryngitis for knocking over of allergic hypostasis and inflammatory process in a mucous throat
  • Eufillin for removal of a spasm of sheaves at suffocation
  • Aminocaproic acid for strengthening of walls of vessels

Steam inhalations are possible when the child is able to inhale independently hot fumes of medicinal broth, keeping the person at sufficient distance from the container with hot liquid in order to avoid a burn. At treatment of laryngitis, broths of a camomile, mint, a sage can be appointed.

It is impossible to self-medicate as inhalation – at all not such harmless procedure as can seem. Only the doctor can write out optimum means, determine duration of a course and duration of procedures.

Drug treatment of laryngitis

At visit of the sick child the pediatrician or the ENT specialist will surely prescribe mixtures, tablets and other forms of drugs taking into account a cause of illness and symptoms. Most often at laryngitis at children the following medicines are applied.

  • At the virus nature of a disease – antiviral means for children, such, as Orvir, Kagotsel, "Tamiflu", Anaferon.
  • If takes place to be a bacterial infection – antibiotics. Can prescribe children, in particular, suspensions or the tablets "Supraks", "Tsefix", "Sumamed", "Amoksiklav", "Flemoklav Solyutab", "Augmentin", "Makropen". The course of pricks of Fortum or Tseftriakson is possible.
  • Together with antibacterial therapy the prebiotics or a probiotics restoring intestinal microflora are surely appointed. Among the most popular – "Hilak Forte", "Linex", Atsipol, Bifidobakterin.
  • For removal of a laryngeal edema and as soothing for the night antihistamines among which – Suprastin, Tsetrin, Diazolin, Fenistil in drops can be prescribed.
  • Among the antimicrobial means for removal of a sore throat recommended to children at laryngitis – "Faringosept", Hexoral, "Ingalipt", "Lizobakt"; tablets for resorption which part are mint, eucalyptus or sage oil.
  • Febrifugal at body temperature it is higher than 38 wasps – medicines on the basis of an ibuprofen or paracetamol.
  • At dry cough for its transition to productive – such means as "Stoptusin Fito".
  • At damp – expectorant (Ambrobena, Gerbion, Alteyka, chest collecting).
  • Strictly on doctor's orders for simplification of painful loringichesky cough protivokashlevy means like Libeksin are used.

Medicamentous therapy should be carried out carefully, to be attentive to the sick child. So, sprays like "Ingalipt" or Hexoral can cause a throat spasm, careless use of at the same time protivokashlevy medicine and mucolytics in the kid – to cause serious complications nizhniz airways. And in general any new medicine is capable to cause allergies in children. At deterioration in a condition of the little patient the parents have to see a doctor immediately.

The child's diet at laryngitis

Healthy nutrition at hypostasis of a mucous throat – guarantee of the speedy recovery whereas non-compliance with the strict sparing diet can aggravate a disease. At laryngitis:

  • it is necessary to eat warm food and drink, but not hot or cold;
  • to exclude sharp, sour, marinades and a pickles
  • to include in the menu the soft, wiped food in order to avoid injuries of the inflamed throat
  • it is impossible to drink sparkling water and drinks, to use nutlets and sunflower seeds
  • the best broth for any soup – chicken
  • for softening of a throat it is possible to drink warm milk with butter

That the child did not get sick with laryngitis

Usually in due time and competently picked up therapeutic course helps to cope with the artful children's illness successfully. Nevertheless, for prevention of a recurrence it is important to carry out prevention of a SARS, to be tempered, to eat properly and to move in the fresh air much, to prevent contact of children with allergens. In an organism of the child there should not be such infectious centers as painful teeth, adenoides, tonsillitis.

Practice shows that children after three-four years get sick with laryngitis more and more seldom – mucous throats becomes less friable on the structure, the immune system becomes stronger. At last, parents gain experience and ability to distinguish a disease at the initial stage, without allowing it to develop and turn into serious pathology.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team