Tubootit at children: symptoms and treatment

Tubootit at children: symptoms and treatment

Tubootit at children is followed by noise in ears, congestion and poor audibility. It is treated by means of a kateterization and pneumomassage. Use of folk remedies is possible.

In the most part of cases tubootit, or evstakhiit, arises at children because of hit in an organism of pathogenic bacteria of pneumococci. In this case it is already possible to speak about presence of an infectious disease which was caused by the viruses and the reached nasopharynxes which extended on all organism and organs of hearing. If the child often has catarrhal diseases, flu, bronchitis, tracheitis and other diseases of ENT organs, the risk of emergence of inflammation of an acoustical pipe increases at it several times.

Disease symptoms

Children possess more direct and a little shortened in sizes acoustical pass that defines their predisposition to ear diseases and, in particular, a tubootita. Symptoms the same diseases, as at adults, are also connected with noise in ears, congestion of ears and poor audibility. At the same time the kid can note temporary normalization of hearing through sneezing, a zevaniye or cough. Temperature at an evstakhiita is in norm limits. Practically disturbs nothing the kid, he does not feel pain that creates difficulties for independent diagnostics and demands the address to the expert.

Treatment of a disease

First of all it is necessary to eliminate adverse factors which led to inflammation of an acoustical pipe. To reduce puffiness of mucous, vasoconstrictive drops in a nose are appointed. The same effect can achieve also at therapy by antihistaminic medicines. To prevent throwing of the infected slime, the sick child is not recommended to blow nose too strongly. Positive dynamics is observed after a kateterization – blowing off of an acoustical pipe. In traditional medicine at a tubootita at children the pneumomassage of an eardrum is widely used. In certain cases the doctor can make the decision on removal of adenoides or a benign tumor of a nose, ventilation of pneumatic ways of a nasopharynx and a resection of the lower nasal sink. The great value is attached to procedures of physiotherapeutic orientation: UVCh, laser therapies, Ural federal district. Tubootit responds to treatment and nonconventional methods. It is possible to take an onions piece, to warm up it, to turn in a gauze and to put to a sore ear of the child. A course of treatment – 1 month. To mix a lavender, a yarrow, a celandine, a root of a dandelion and a leaf of an eucalyptus in equal shares, to mix everything, 2 tablespoons of mix to fill in 0.5 l of boiled water and to leave for the night. To filter and allow to drink to the child ¼ glasses 3 times a day in the morning. Big efficiency also the mix for instillation in an ear prepared in house conditions has. The head of garlic needs to be grated, mixed from 120 g of sunflower oil and to remove to the cool dark place for 10-12 days. After to filter and add a little glycerin. To dig in in an ear 1-3 drops in a warm look.

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