What can be told about the person of his eye

What can be told about the person of his eye

In the opinion of any person it is possible to read his thoughts, mood, the attitude towards people and the world around. Eyes can tell much more, than it is possible to imagine.

Emotions and moods

Irrespective of, the person wants that or not, eyes reflect all his thoughts and feelings and only the one who understands these signs, will be able to learn the truth - what is valid on mind at the interlocutor. Everything that for this purpose is necessary - it is observation. Just it is worth showing slightly attention, and, looking to the person in eyes, it will be possible to learn, he lies or tells the truth.

The most interesting and truthful part of a human eye – a pupil. It changes the size depending on mood, from those emotions that is tested by the person at the concrete moment.

When the person begins to experience strong emotions - excitement, delight, joy or at those moments when he looks at the person who especially is pleasant to it, his eyes considerably brighten. If during the conversation there is a moment when the interlocutor experiences negative emotions: the anger, irritation, rage – that, as a rule, become more dark than an eye at the person. Besides, at the moments of strong emotions or splashes in adrenaline the pupils slightly extend. Eyes have one more useful and surprising property - they always let know to the interlocutor about whether the truth is told by their owner or not. The thing is that the direction of a look of the interlocutor directly depends on what processes happen in his head. If the person remembers any information, then his eyes will involuntarily move in the direction to the right and up. To the contrary, when he tries to invent something, his eyes direct to the left and up at once. Naturally, he can quite realize it and during "inventing" to direct a look to the right – up. However in reality during the heated argument to the person most often not before, and the interlocutor will be able easily to understand - he tells the truth or not.

Traits of character

Many consider that in a form and arrangement of eyes it is possible to learn about some traits of character of the person. For example, it is considered that big eyes are peculiar to leaders, and small – is more often to the closed people, sometimes stubborn and self-satisfied. Bulging eyes speak about imbalance of character, the tendencies to concern which are deeply put more often meet at brave and courageous people. Slanting eyes – sign of the sensitive and tolerant person, round – lazy and inclined to a lie.

State of health

It is possible to determine by a condition of eyes even some diseases. So, for example, yellowish whites of the eyes speak about problems with a liver. Besides, researches of scientists showed that people with various color of eyes are inclined to different diseases. So, for example, owners of brown eyes should be afraid of diseases of a digestive tract; blue – asthma, arthritis, rheumatism, stomach ulcer. At green-eyed people the toxicity and acidity connected with functioning of nervous and digestive systems is often increased.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team