What children's diseases can be confused with cold

What children's diseases can be confused with cold

At the first symptoms of a SARS many mothers begin to use anti-cold medicines for treatment of the kid, without thinking that common cold and high temperature can hide serious diseases.

MeningitSamyy dangerous disease during which brain covers inflame. Meningitis can be shown as cold that misleads parents. Symptoms of this disease can arise in the different sequence: headache, nausea, high temperature, rash, spasms, muscle pain, vomiting, very cold hands and legs. At emergence of disturbing signs of the desease it is necessary to call the ambulance at once.

Whooping cough

Is not less artful, than meningitis. It is possible to catch it in public places, the disease is transmitted in the airborne way. The disease is dangerous that there is a defeat of cells of airways, dry and long cough which can come to an end with vomiting begins.

The KrupDannyy disease develops because of the infectious and inflammatory process happening in a throat. The disease most often affects children from 6 months to 4 years and is shown by the sharp cough which is followed by the whistling breath at night and early in the morning. If there were suspicions on a croup, it is necessary to call the ambulance at once, and to place the child in very damp room (for example, in the bathroom with the included hot water). KorKak the rule, a disease is followed by a headache, severe cold, rash on mucous the sky, cough, spots on mucous cheeks and conjunctivitis. To distinguish measles in the first days can be difficult, but at the first symptoms it is necessary to see a doctor for the corresponding treatment at once. KrasnuhaDo of appearance of rashes on skin this disease can be shown by a sore throat, severe cold and fever. If there is a suspicion of measles, the child it is necessary to isolate and address the pediatrician for treatment at once. The contact with the patient with measles is especially dangerous to pregnant women. Wind it ospanachinatsya from a general malaise and a sore throat, later there is a rash passing into bubbles which gradually dry up forming crusts. Skin begins to itch, but it is impossible to comb and delete crusts. As a rule, special treatment does not exist, but it is possible to facilitate unpleasant symptoms through the procedures appointed by the doctor.

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