What documents are necessary on the child to the camp

What documents are necessary on the child to the camp

There came summer vacation, and many children go on the vacation in summer the camp. It is the cheerful and carefree period which brings the mass of good impressions and pleasant memories. But in a predveriya of cheerful rest the parents will need to take care of that all documents which are necessary to the child for inclusion in the camp were prepared.


1. In summer recreation camp within our country it will be necessary for rest for the child: - permit and receipt on its payment (if permit paid); - birth certificate of the child or his passport and copy of these documents; - health policy and its copy; - the medical certificate in form No. 079/at (is filled in by the district doctor) or No. 076/at (if the child goes to the sanatorium camp); - the certificate of an epidokruzheniye (is given by the epidemiologist in policlinic or in local SES). It is the list of obligatory documents.

2. Depending on features of the camp can be required also: - copies of passports of parents; - reference from the dermatologist; - the reference from the doctor allowing visit of the pool; - permission of the pediatrician to occupation separate sports; - photo of the child 3х4. About need of providing these documents it is reported at execution of the permit.

3. If the child goes on the vacation to the camp abroad, the list of documents will be another. Will be required: - international passport of the child; - permit to the camp and the receipt on its payment; - notarized power of attorney on the accompanying person; - the visa (its registration is required only for some countries); - health insurance; - journey payment (if it is not provided by the permit); - the medical certificate or the corresponding questionnaire (in some the camp it will be required to provide the translation of the medical certificate).

4. In addition for foreign camps can be required: - the questionnaires completed on the child and parents (in English); - copies of passports of parents; - characteristic from school, the certificate of visit of school; - birth certificate of the child; - photos of the child.

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