What documents need to be done after the birth of the kid

What documents need to be done after the birth of the kid

Mom and the kid were discharged from maternity hospital. There is a joyful moment: the kid lies in a bed and peacefully sleeps... And for his parents there comes the hard time. And one of aspects of this time – production of documents.

At discharge from maternity hospital mom receives three documents on hands: card of the woman in labor, coupon of the birth certificate, certificate of the child's birth. The local therapist needs to carry the card of the woman in labor in policlinic, the coupon – in the place of work or in policlinic for charge of a grant. And with the certificate of the birth of the child we go to department the REGISTRY OFFICE.

In department the REGISTRY OFFICE to you will grant the birth certificate of the child. With it you should not tighten: the reference valid within 30 days. But you, besides the certificate, need to make a weight more of other documents. In the REGISTRY OFFICE you fill in the application form, you provide copies of passports of parents and the certificate on marriage for introduction of information about the father. The application surely has to be signed at least by one of parents. Usually the certificate is done during the day.

Further we do a registration. With the certificate and the passport of one of parents we go to local ZhEK. The registration is done usually by several days. When obtaining the certificate of registration ask not less than 3 certificates of family composition. It is useful.

One of references together with a package of other documents needs to be provided in department of education for granting the place in kindergarten.

With the second reference dad has to go to work – will provide him tax deduction on the child.

If you a large family, then with the third reference go to department of social security – to you have to make recalculation on a rent and provide some other privileges. In the same place we order the Insurance Number of Individual Ledger Account.

Further we do INN. It can be ordered in the tax inspection (the package of necessary documents is usually standard: the passport, the birth certificate, the marriage certficate, INN of parents) or in the Multipurpose center for social service of the population.

After obtaining these documents we appropriate to the child nationality. This procedure is most simplified. In department of Federal Migration Service you provide the birth certificate of the child, the certificate of registration, passports of parents. Within 7 working days the staff of FMS in your passports puts down stamps, and the information about the child brings in the base.

At last, we order the policy of health insurance. In spite of the fact that the baby does not have this policy, it is served so far according to the policy of mother. But for receiving free drugs and baby food it is required. It is possible to issue the policy in any policlinic, it is optional at the place of residence, or in the private accredited insurance companies. After the order of the policy to you will grant the certificate under which you are obliged to serve. The policy is usually done about a month. It will be necessary for you: the passport of one of parents with a registration and a mark about presence of the child and the birth certificate of the child.

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