What is the most important in family education of children

What is the most important in family education of children

Most of people on the experience know that such family education. For someone this education became a guiding star in life, and brought someone misfortunes. What is the family education in general?

From the scientific point of view family education

— this purposeful interaction of the child with adult family members. 

Family education is a special education. It not only attempts of lectures, remarks, encouragement or punishment. In this process the role of parents is especially important though they can not always realize own influence. 

The example of behavior of parents can influence the child more, than infinite and tiresome lectures which do not cause in it anything positive. Also the encouraging smile, the word thrown following, etc. can cause the same effect. Under supervision of parents the child gets the first life experience. Thus, depends on education, what the person in the future will enter adulthood, successful or on the contrary.

But also you should not forget about the main thing - love of parents for the child. The child has to understand that he is loved. Most of parents consider that you should not show love for the children because it leads to development of egoism, vanity, pamperedness. 

However it is necessary to remember that because of a lack of love the person has complexes which disturb it in self-development later. For the same reason children who dreamed to be in the childhood someone great take the low place in society subsequently. All because of a lack of attention and love from parents.

The family imparts certain moral standards to the child. That is responsibility for the child falls on parents. The family has to develop in the child as physical, moral, and esthetic qualities. But it is also necessary to know when to stop. At strong guardianship the kid can grow up the diffident person, he has to choose that he is pleasant to it and to follow this way, and a parental duty to encourage this choice and to support in every possible way. The family is a place where worthy education which gives to society of the kind citizens capable to raise the level of development of the country subsequently prevails.

Importance of family is that the child grows in it during a certain interval of the life and any more he will not be able to receive more important education anywhere. There is nothing comparable and the best, than family. In this place the main qualities of the identity of the child are put.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team