What it is possible to be engaged with the child in summer of the house

What it is possible to be engaged with the child in summer of the house

If in summertime the child is forced to stay at home in the afternoon, for example, because of bad weather or for other reason, the task of adults is to think up for it not dull occupation.

Outside the summer – is a high time for outdoor games in the fresh air. But happens and so that on the day off suddenly loaded a rain therefore the child does not know, than to occupy itself. To seat the child for all day in front of the TV is not an exit. It is possible to give it several simple tasks or to offer simple, but interesting games. The busy child will not disturb adults at whom cleaning can be planned, for example, and besides will master something brand new.

Simple games with children for rainy day

"Important message". For this game it is necessary to inflate a ball, and on it to write the rhyme, a joke or the small message. A ball to blow off and hide – so that the child could find it. The child should explain that the important message which is written on a ball somewhere hid and to ask to help to find it. To kids interesting not only to look for a ball, but also to inflate it to make out letters, and will read written someone from adults. "Planes". Until mom is employed at kitchen, to the child the paper with a request is issued to build several planes from it. The master has to appropriate to each plane a name, and to present itself the pilot. Mom will undertake a role of the air traffic controller – will allow take-off and the subsequent landing in airfield with the name "Kitchen".

Classes with children are more senior

And here a task which will be interesting to both children, and adults – "The card of desires". The big sheet of paper, glue, felt-tip pens, cuttings from magazines and newspapers is required. Each participant of a game has to consider that he would like most of all, and on the sheet of paper to draw desire or to execute applique, a collage on this subject. Desires can be a little – well, each of them should be issued visually. During creative process it is useful to talk to the child, to ask why he wants it when as he imagines process. If it works, the executed card of desires should be kept – in several months or years it will be interesting to look at it and to note what already came true. "Sea in a bottle". To pour water in a bottle from transparent plastic. There to add a little food coloring of blue or blue color, tiny toys, shells, spangles and other suitable trifles. If the trip to the sea is shortly planned, it is possible to dream up together with the child, to present whom he would like to see there. It is possible to make "jellyfish" of a piece of cellophane. Just it is better to take a bag – the site in its center is wound with a thread, the body of "jellyfish" turns out. To scissor the rest on strips. "Jellyfish" is started in a bottle. In conclusion there to pour a small amount of vegetable oil, to close a cover, to shake up everything. Now it is possible to watch "sea inhabitants", and it can even be more interesting to the child, than a house aquarium.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team