What means if the boy was born with nape birthmark

What means if the boy was born with nape birthmark

Birthmarks long since drew close attention to themselves. In them looked for the hidden sense, tried "to read" destiny. They can be located anywhere including on a nape.

The birthmark in an occipital part of the head of the newborn cannot but be evident to parents. If same "mark" is available for the father, mother, the grandfather or other relative, most likely, it is about hereditary sign. But not always such spots have genetic origin.


The mark of the big size on the head of the kid quite often horrifies parents. In fantastic "explanations" there is no shortcoming: mother someone "maleficiated" during pregnancy, someone jinxed, etc.

There are also other fears. The reason of "mark" is seen in the diseases of mother transferred to pregnancy time in its improper feeding. The big spot on the head can be considered sign of poor health of the kid and even manifestation of the beginning oncological disease. Such fears are closer to reality, than notorious "damage and a malefice", but at them are not much more bases. Not to give in to false fears, it is necessary to know about true nature of this phenomenon.

Infantile gemangioma

In the first days or even weeks of life the child can have an infantile gemangioma. Most often it is noticeable already at the birth. It resembles a birthmark superficially, but in fact is a benign tumor of blood vessels. At girls of a gemangiom meets seven times more often, but there is she and at boys. Often she appears on the head. From 1 to 8 months of a gemangiom grow, becomes bright red and uneven. When growth stops, regress which can happen within one year begins or last for 9 years. Hair on the place of a gemangioma do not grow or them happens a little. Gemangioma will decrease in sizes, to gain gray color. Finally skin in this place will gain normal color, and its fragment only extended will remind of a gemangioma. This defect is easily eliminated in the surgical way. In an arsenal of modern medicine there are various methods of removal gemangiy: laser therapy, cryotherapy, sclerotherapy. However, resort to such radical methods only when gemangioma appear on a mucous membrane of a mouth, a century, an ear, about a nose and prevent the child to eat, see, hear, breathe. It does not belong to the gemangioma which arose on a nape. The question of removal it can rise only in case of the intensive growth of a tumor. Such tumor passes in other cases independently. The best that parents in case of the child's birth with gemangiomy on a nape can make is to consult to the children's doctor and to follow his instructions.

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