What music is useful to pregnant women

What music is useful to pregnant women

Being in a womb, the kid is capable to hear perfectly the sounds surrounding his mom. Daily listening of musical compositions from first months of pregnancy favors to development of intelligence of the child. The main thing the nobility what music is useful to pregnant women.


1. Music to which the pregnant woman listens has to be weakening, quiet and not contain minor chords. You should not forget that its rhythms are capable to affect not only behavior of the kid in mother's womb, but also on his general health. Music can change a rhythm of breath and even a tone of muscles.

2. Choosing a melody for listening, it is extremely important to watch reaction of the child. If he began to behave too actively, for example, to be kicked, then it is necessary to include other musical composition. Too loudly turned on music is also capable to cause concern in the kid.

3. Folklore music perfectly is suitable for listening during pregnancy. Especially please kids of a melody of the Celtic folklore.

4. Pregnant women are recommended to listen also to classical music. In this case all compositions which cause positive emotions and a pacification in future mom will approach.

5. At the moments when in mother's womb the child behaves uneasily, it is worth including quietly Schubert, Brahms, Schuman or Mozart's melodies. At the same time songs should be selected major and at smooth speed.

6. If future mom or her kid was overcome by insomnia, then Tchaikovsky or Gluck's quiet melodies will help to cope with this problem. Especially well promote sound sleep of Debussy with composition "Moonlight", Brahms from "Lullaby" and also "Sonata No. 14" by Beethoven.

7. Are useful during pregnancy the classes yoga given under wildlife sounds. In this case singing of birds, rain drops, noise of a sea surf, a rustle of leaves and the sounds made by whales or dolphins perfectly will approach.

8. The pregnant woman sometimes has apathy attacks. At such moments will help to lighten the mood and to get off a "heavy" mind listening of fast melodies of such composers as Schubert, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Tchaikovsky.

9. If during the day the pregnant woman strongly got tired, then this tension is felt by all means also by her kid. To take off the collected fatigue, "Ruslan and Lyudmila" are enough to listen to Vivaldi's compositions under the name "Seasons" or Glinka. In 15 minutes of listening future mom will notice considerable improvement of the general health and inflow of forces.

10. When listening of classical music does not bring pleasure, you should not force itself to listen to it with a great effort. It will not do good to either future mom, or her kid. In that case it is worth looking for modern tool musical compositions.

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