What names approach Marin

What names approach Marin

The marine is a form of an ancient name of Marin which in translation from Latin means "sea". This very reliable, good and complete name, his owners most often are self-assured, attractive women.

Influence of a name on the personality

One of the main traits of character of Marina — self-confidence. This confidence can play a dirty trick — at Marina the self-assessment is very often inadequately overestimated that creates problems in life.

The marine easily is able to cope with the emotions, to subordinate their mind therefore the majority of its acts are considered and prudent. This property is shown in the early childhood, nonplusing Marina's relatives.

At Marina the intuition, one may say, that she lives among presentiments and signs is very strongly developed. The intuition not always has a positive impact on Marina's life as she often makes incorrect hasty decisions, having incorrectly interpreted the presentiments. Most often Marina chooses to herself a profession of the doctor, nurse, hairdresser, actress or engineer. The work giving "warm-up to brains" or allowing to contact much to other people is interesting to it.

Suitable names for partners

Since childhood of the owner of this name test special attention from an opposite sex. In kindergarten and school the boys make overtures to Marina, early make a date. With age Marina's appeal only increases therefore it is always surrounded by crowd of admirers. Men are simply defenseless against her charm and appeal. In marriage of the owner of this name look for balanced, quiet and provided life. The spouse should find a lot of time Marin to make marriage stronger. The attention, gifts, compliments are constantly necessary for it. If similar courtesies in joint life are absent, most often tension and coldness moves to the forefront. For this reason Marin it is necessary to choose carefully the generous, attentive partners ready to pay it enough attention. The good strong relations can develop between Marina and Valentin, Anton, Vladimir, Denis, Sergey or Mikhail. These names bear positive, strong vibration. Their carriers often have the expressed courage, strong fatherly instincts thanks to which can give Marin attention and surround it with care what it so needs. Not too good relations usually develop between Marina and Boris, Anatoly, Georgy and Nikolay. These names allocate the carriers with impetuosity, tendency to adoption of fast rash decisions and some dispersion. Similar qualities do not promote balancing of the relations as are pronounced also at Marina.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team