What needs to be bought by the birth of the kid

What needs to be bought by the birth of the kid

Emergence in the house of the kid - one of the most joyful events in life of each family. That to the kid it was comfortable, he needs not only mother's love and care, but also it is a lot of necessary things without which in any way not to do. Future parents should visit not one children's shop to choose all most necessary.


1. We prepare the room in which there will live a kid. It needs to be made light and cozy. In case of need it is necessary to make an easy renovation. When the room is ready, we begin to equip it.

2. The bed will be the most important piece of furniture for the kid. The bed has to be in the same room where parents will sleep. The bed will require many components. It is also necessary to get a mattress, it is desirable orthopedic which is intended for the smallest. The kid needs bed linen. In the house there have to be at least two sets for replacement. The pillow is not required to the child yet, and here the warm soft blanket even very much to be useful. The bed of the newborn can be covered with a canopy, and to it also the holder is required. To calm the kid, to distract his attention and just to lull before going to bed, the mobile will be required. Before buying it, in advance listen to a melody which it will play. The melody has to be quiet and pleasant.

3. To store a kidswear, the spacious dresser is required. Very often the dresser goes with a table for swaddling at once that is very convenient for parents. If there is no table, then it is possible to get separately a board for swaddling. Some parents do not need at all it as they carry out all procedures on a spacious bed. In the room there has to be a night lamp with very soft and dim light that did not cut eyes to the kid.

4. Now we fill a dresser with things. The kid first of all will need diapers (it is desirable more than 10). In clothes the smallest penis of family has to have baby's undershirts, romper suit, baud, socks, light hats, etc. Each type of clothes has to be in several copies because it is necessary to change clothes often. The clothes also will be necessary for the street and walks.

5. Bathing will be the daily procedure for the kid. While the newborn is still too small, to him the separate bath and the hill on which the child will lie during bathing is bought. there are also anatomic baths in which the hill is already provided. To control water temperature, surely there has to be a water thermometer. For bathing it is necessary to get special means for the smallest. After the water procedures the kid will need a warm towel, it is desirable with a hood.

6. The kid will require daily care, for example, of an obrabatyvaniya of an umbilical wound, cleaning of a nose and ears, etc. For all of procedures for child care children's cream, powder, Q-tips with the limiter, wet towel wipes for children, baby oil, peroxide, brilliant green is required. To comb the child's hair which still are a down it is necessary to get a special soft brush. Also special scissors for a hairstyle of nails will be required. Surely it is necessary to get a pacifier though it can and it is not required further, but as required nevertheless has to be.

7. It will be necessary to get small bottles for feeding - glass and plastic. For their washing there has to be a special brush and means for washing of children's ware. Washing of children's things requires the separate powder intended especially for these purposes and the corresponding fabric softener.

8. You should not forget also about children's toys. So far them can be very little, but they will be necessary - a rattle, a teething toy, a musical toy, etc.

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