What needs to be collected with itself in maternity hospital

What needs to be collected with itself in maternity hospital

It is necessary to get ready for childbirth not only morally, it is desirable still to manage to pack all necessary things prior to the first fights. And it is the best of all to make it in advance. Because if childbirth will begin before term, to you will be not before collecting at all. Approximately by 36th week you have to know for sure what to take in maternity hospital. Write the list that to forget nothing. Also begin to gather slowly. In your interests that the package of things was ready as soon as possible. It will not take a lot of place, and you will be quiet.

What to take in maternity hospital for mom

First of all collect all documents that they lay in one daddy. In maternity hospital it is required to you: the passport, the prenatal record, the birth certificate, the insurance policy and if you give birth under the contract, the contract. This the first that will ask you when you arrive to maternity hospital.

Objects of female hygiene: shampoo, a towel (for a body, for the person and small for survey), soap (it is better liquid, it is more convenient), a toothbrush and paste, 3-4 packs of laying (take the biggest what you will only find – maxi, super maxi). By the way about laying, do not think that it is too much. After the delivery at the woman the plentiful bleeding begins, be ready to it. It is better to buy an excess pack of laying, than then in the emergency order to call the husband that brought to you what is necessary. Do not forget to take toilet paper, and it is better – wet towel wipes. Because after gaps during childbirth (if they are) will use toilet paper to you just painfully. If you go to maternity hospital in advance, take a razor.

Underwear. Follows from the previous point that thongs can be left at home. Buy ordinary cowards of high quality in whom it will be convenient to you. Take several couples that in maternity hospital to be engaged in the kid, but not washing. Do not forget about a bra. Now there are a lot of models especially for future mothers. It will be so much more convenient to feed the kid to you. But not the fact that in maternity hospital to you in general will allow it to put on. In the first days when milk appears, the breast should not be squeezed.

From clothes you need a dressing gown, a nightgown (in some maternity hospitals the women in labor are given the), bedroom-slippers. Pay attention, it is not necessary to take the favourite soft slaps in maternity hospital. Buy usual rubber. First, there will be no problems with their washing, secondly, you are not going to be undressed in soul?

When you are going to maternity hospital, do not forget about cosmetics. It is required to you on an extract. And it will be pleasant to mom to look at photos then. By the way, too take a hairbrush. It only staying at home on a sofa it seems that you will forget nothing. And then it turns out that the dressing gown remained to hang in a case, the hairbrush – to lie on a shelf, and the insurance policy – in general it is unknown where got to. Treat collecting with all responsibility.

If you plan to go to maternity hospital in advance, take with yourself the interesting book or crossword puzzles. Because will bother to lie and look in a ceiling to you already in half an hour. Do not forget phone, the charger and earphones. In free time it will be possible to listen to music. If you are going to go to maternity hospital at the last minute, put only phone and charging. All the rest is definitely not required to you.

In advance put a mug, a spoon and a plate in a bag. Take a little food and to drink. But if you go at once to give birth, forget about food, you will leave it at home. Before childbirth all the same it is impossible to eat.

And one more important point. Many women in the first days after the delivery have cracks on nipples. Feeling – not from pleasant. While there is time, go to pharmacy, buy ointment – Bepanten. Personally I did not meet any mummy who would be dissatisfied with this medicine. Ointment can use from the first days, it is absolutely harmless to the kid.

What to take in maternity hospital for the child

Children's means of hygiene. What here enters? Wet towel wipes – 1 pack. Children's cream or powder. Children's liquid soap. Make sure that it can be used from the first days of life of the kid. Do not forget to take packing of pampers from 3 to 6 kg in maternity hospital. Even if you in the first day decide to refuse them, then on an extract the pampers precisely are required.

Take necessary clothes for the kid. 2 hats, 3-4 baby's undershirts (it is better to take those which are clasped on buttons in front), socks quite will be enough for you and … So far on it all. Diapers will give you in maternity hospital therefore there is no sense at all to drag the whole suitcase of the. The clothes for an extract to you will be brought then by relatives. Do not frighten doctors by quantity of the bags. Take only the most necessary.

Do not take a pacifier in maternity hospital at all! I already wrote in one of articles that before the child takes a pacifier in a mouth, he has to learn to suck a breast correctly. No exceptions can be here. Your doctor, by the way, will tell you the same.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team