What tests couple needs to make before conception

Couple before conception needs to check a condition of all bodies and systems and to cure all available chronic diseases. It is very important to make the test on STD and to define a blood type and its Rhesus factor.


1. According to scientists fertility of men and women any more not that which was 15-20 years ago. Today many couples cannot conceive and give birth to the child for many reasons. And if it was not accepted to prepare for the birth of children earlier, then today couple before conception is recommended to make a series of tests which will help to reveal and cure all possible diseases before pregnancy and to prevent undesirable complications.

2. Both the man, and the woman need to visit the therapist, to make ultrasonography of bodies of a small pelvis, an abdominal cavity and a thyroid gland. To women to make ultrasonography of mammary glands. It is worth getting surely advice of the stomatologist as many infections can disturb normal pregnancy and get into an organism from the teeth affected with caries. Couple has to take a blood test and urine on the analysis.

3. The woman needs to come to reception to the gynecologist and to undergo all necessary inspections: to hand over dab on microflora and STD, to make a kolposkopiya. Both at you, and at your husband will define a blood type and a Rhesus factor. If blood test on antibodies to a Rhesus factor yields positive result, pregnancy it is necessary to postpone and correct the state of health. If the result is negative, pregnancy can be planned, but further you with the husband will need to make this test, as well as the analysis on group antibodies of times a month since 8th week of pregnancy.

4. TORCH complex will allow to reveal antibodies to toxoplasmosis, a rubella, herpes, chlamydias and a cytomegalovirus. Depending on its result it will be asked about planning of pregnancy or correcting of a state. To get an idea of work of ovaries, the woman it will be necessary to make the schedule of basal temperature. If the doctor reveals in him some deviations, he can appoint blood test to hormones. By means of a gemostaziogramma and a koagulogramma blood clotting is defined. Congenital and initial violations of a condition of the curtailing system are adjusted in advance.

5. At a stage of planning volchanochny anticoagulant, antibodies to a horionichesky gonadotrophin and antibodies to phospholipids is defined. This inspection will allow to reveal factors of an early miscarriage of pregnancy. And to you, and your husband it is necessary to take a blood test on a research of a set of chromosomes. As a result it is possible to obtain data on birth probability at you the unhealthy child because of an imbalance in chromosomes.

6. The man should hand over a spermogram. It will give an assessment to quality of sperm, quantity and mobility of spermatozoa and also will show existence of the hidden inflammatory processes. Also to the partner, as well as the woman, it is necessary to be checked regarding STD.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team