What to begin a feeding up of the baby with

What to begin a feeding up of the baby with

The universal answer to a question of what to begin the child's feeding up with, cannot be as each of them is unique and demands individual approach. It is the best of all to make the decision on the beginning of a feeding up after consultation with the pediatrician, and up to this point it is worth obtaining a basic information about with what the first products on a table at the kid can.

The first feeding up of the child in the form of vegetables

Vegetables suit those children at whom problems with a chair as they help to normalize it are observed and to avoid locks. Also they are good as a feeding up in the presence of excess weight. Among vegetables choose that are considered as the least allergenic, and carry a cauliflower, broccoli and squash to those. Carrots and pumpkin are given later as cause allergies much more often. Disputable relation and to potatoes. There is an opinion that in comparison with other vegetables it contains smaller amount of useful substances therefore with it it is possible not to hurry. Besides, if the child allergichen, then it before preparation needs to be soaked in water to minimize amount of starch.

It is desirable to begin with the vegetables growing in the region of residence, but not from import. Therefore if time of the beginning of a feeding up is the share of winter, then it is better to take ready baby food, but not squash and cabbage brought from abroad.

Prikarmlivaniye fruit

It is one of the most well-loved by many babies of products and fine option to start a feeding up. The first give apples or pears, and finally leave citrus fruits. It is not necessary to begin also with berries as the probability of an allergy to any bright products is much higher.

Shortcoming at fruit only one: after test of sweet puree to convince the child there are vegetables, neutral to taste, sometimes happens hardly.

Feeding up of the baby in the form of porridges

As a rule, this type of products is also demanded by little gourmets, as well as previous. Recommend to begin with it that who does not gather additionally in weight. The first there are so-called bezglyutenovy porridges as this component in grain and causes allergies. Treat those buckwheat, rice and corn, and here oat and wheat should be postponed for later will render. It concerns also some semolina porridge, so popular with grandmothers.

What else should be known

Terms of introduction of a feeding up are not less important. In spite of the fact that producers of baby food put on many products marking from four, and even of three months, you should not hurry with introduction of a feeding up. - beginning optimum terms for the children who are on natural feeding of half a year. For bottle-fed babies this framework more flexible can be also shifted by 4-5 months, but also it is quite conditional. But to try to load digestive system at once on achievement of three months - not the best idea as haste with a feeding up can lead not only to an allergy, but also to digestion violation.

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