What to do when babies have a lock

What to do when babies have a lock

Small children often have various problems with intestines: gripes, delay or, on the contrary, excessive frequency of a chair. These indispositions raise the numerous questions which are coming down to one for parents - how to help the baby?

Warm a tummy of the kid. Cover it with a warm diaper or put to yourself on a stomach. Heat removes spasms and calms. Make to the baby light massage. It can be circular motions clockwise around a navel in the form of strokings. Lift and lower the bent child's legs when he lies on a back. Put the kid on a tummy, let will a little lie down in such situation.

Eat if you nurse the child, prunes, dried apricots, a fig or raisin. Eat the products rich with cellulose.

Use glyceric candles for input them in a rectum. Do this procedure accurately, it is better to use special means for children. Apply at locks at kids of an enema - water, grassy, oil, but it is better to use them only in urgent cases. To make an oil enema, take oil — sunflower, hempy or vaseline. Before use heat it to body temperature. Lay the child on the left side or a back and, slowly, enter enema contents into an organism of the kid. It is necessary to extend a tip slowly and carefully. Then cramp together buttocks of the child and take them in such situation. The result of influence comes somewhere in 7-12 hours from the moment of statement. The oil entered into an organism of the kid envelops all contents of intestines that promotes its easier conclusion. Apply medicamentous means of type of "Duphalac" or Laktuvit on doctor's orders. Are effective at treatment of locks at small children "Hilak Forte" or bacterial medicines like "Bifidum Bakterina". In particular they are shown to the children who received medical treatment for antibiotics. Generally, if the baby is quiet also a chair rare, but soft - you should have no reasons for disorders. See a doctor if the delay of a chair of the baby makes 48 hours and more. Perhaps, the doctor will carry out additional surveys for the purpose of identification of the reason of a similar state.

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